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Woke up at three cause I had to pee and then had, as usual, difficulty in falling back asleep. But, after who knows how long, time spent silently chanting a variety of mantras, singing some songs in my head etc. I fell into a sort of sleep till about 5 when Joe opened the wood stove and I decided it was time to get up and have my morning cuppa Earl Grey.

Checked email, played a couple of games, finished another of the donation hats and talked to my youngest daughter who was on her way to work. Got off the phone, had a bit of cry about her friend with the new diagnosis, having learned that the mother of the friend is currently undergoing chemo. I'm telling you, there's so much sadness in the world that sometimes it just overwhelms my soft heart and I weep. Wonder if it's this way for each generation growing older, thinking that it's sadder now than when they were young?

But enough of that, I've moved on. Action is often the best way for me to raise my mood upwards so I cleaned out a cabinet, rearranged the fridge freezer, ran the vacuum and did some yoga. Feeling much more in control of my emotions now.

On the good news side of things, my granddaughter, the one with chronic Lyme, came by yesterday with some very good news. She has found a doctor who will sponsor her for the Cowden protocol,

With doctor sponsorship, the medicine costs are more than cut in half which makes this doable for her. After trying antibiotics and having no really positive results and losing 50 lbs. she is dedicated to trying natural treatment only. I can only pray that this one works for her. It's such a tricky thing, this Lyme, almost seems to have an intelligence of its own. Amanda's a real trooper though.

My oldest daughter, who is Amanda's mother, signed the papers on a house that is only 3 miles away from Amanda. She's been trying for the last year to find something closer as she lived 20 minutes away and though that wasn't far, it will be so much easier for her to be of help, and easier help with the kiddos.

I keep thinking about doing some sketching but can't seem to stop knitting.

It snowed last night, but not as much as predicted and though it's quite cold out, the sun is shining brightly and I can hear the birds gathered at the feeders. The pole was askew this morning which makes us think that the deer were up in the yard last night munching on the birdie leftovers. I'm sure they're hungry too.

Bright blessings to ALL
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