rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

A Sunny Day

Not a cloud in the sky this morning, not that it will make a difference in the frigid temps but it's so nice to look out and see sunshine and to have it stream in through the big south windows. At least it's getting out of the single digits, but snow predicted for tomorrow. Like last year our winter has been concentrated in the month of February. I saw one hyacinth poking up, and wonder if it will survive all the cold and snow. It must need to be replanted deeper, will try to remember to do that.

Did not get the hat blocked, the wig form is just too small so I'm wondering if I dig through my costume box and find a wig and put it on the head if it will then be big enough to block the hat on. #1 on my list today... so instead of blocking started a new hat for the donation box, a real cutie with a scalloped design, good way to to use up scraps.

Did get in some time on the exercise bike, not much, but a start at getting back into it after being gone. Back pain is easing off and am grateful for that for sure.

Now if I can just figure out something to cook today ... granddaughter comes here after school and is always hungry. My stomach is still iffy after eating out while I was gone and thus I am not hungry making it difficult to choose something to cook. Guess I'll go see what I can find, saw a recipe for cheeseburger soup, maybe she'd like that? It's often a challenge to find new recipes that don't contain some packaged ingredient and I refuse to use those sort of ingredients.

Enjoy your Tuesday friends..let's make it a good day :)sunrise 2014
Tags: #cooking, #dawn, #knitting

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