rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

It's Good To Be Home

For sure it was great to get away for a few days, but truly it was even greater to get back home again. I'm just not much of a traveler any more though in my younger days I've been all over the Us of A... (except for the Northeast) but now I'm much more content to be here in my old broken down recliner at the north end of the love seat, surrounded by the animals and all my projects close at hand.

Every time I do go away...a rare thing...I miss my bed, my critters and my own food. Restaurant food, even the really good stuff is hard on my stomach, manifesting in a number of rather unpleasant scenarios. And truly, being away from home is often all about the food for me.

Spent most of yesterday sleeping, reading and doing laundry from the trip. Today a bit more energetic, so getting back into my yoga routine and hopefully will do some riding on the stationary bike. Two hours in the car irritated my old injuries. Sitting is so not good for me. Thus today back at it with the exercise.

Finished the color work hat. Needs to be blocked now. It was a real booger to finish off at the top, my needles were longer than I like and they kept poking me and I kept dropping stitches. Uncertain of blocking method.. it's a pillbox type hat.. I'll have to look around and see if I have something that will work as I am not sure my wig form is the big enough. Can't use a balloon as I have to stick pins in the edges..something will turn up.

Cleaning lady comes tomorrow and I am certainly grateful for her.

Before leaving I got out some reading on making a mixed media self portrait. If my back will let me, I'd like to get that started here in a bit.

Yes yes yes.. good to be home. I used to be such a gypsy, thousands and thousands of miles.. now I'm a hermit. I love both phases of my existence.

Happy Monday LJ friends...

Life is good...
Tags: #backpain, #exercise #travel #hermits #gypsies, #home, #yoga

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