rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Good Morning from "The Elms"i

imageJust waking up and looking forward to a lovely lazy day, complete with spa treatments, gourmet food and a good bit of lying around. This is the 4th year that daughter #2 has taken me to Excelsior Springs, MO for a getaway.

Built in the 19th century and renovated in 2012, the hotel itself is amazing and the spa total luxury. We enjoy lying about, eating all the time and just being together. Excelsior Springs was once a Mecca for folks seeking cures from the healing waters, but now all the springs are capped off..sad really. Until the flood in 1993 the outdoor hot tub was still connected to the mineral springs, but the flooding ruined that. However, the hot tub which is chest deep is still open and we plan a trip out there later today. Temps here will be around 40 so it will be a quick dash out and even quicker back to the hotel.

I feel totally decadent..and awesomely grateful.

Have an awesome Friday Y 'all!!

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