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Lainey's Birthday

My granddaughter, Lainey, turned 11 last Saturday. I've been meaning to post about it since Monday but the new meds are kicking my butt and I had not been getting much sleep and thus have been too tired to do much.  Last couple of days that is evening out and and I have more energy.. Hooray!

On Sunday we got together for a wee birthday celebration.  Since all the cousins had been to the big party at the skating rink, it was just a few of us on Sunday, quite manageable and fun.  Weather was great and so we grilled some steaks, an easy meal and I made her what has become traditional, the giant M & M cookie cake.  Happy Birthday Lainey.. soon you will be a teenager. I can see the changes happening already and will miss the charming little girl you are, but always exciting to watch grandgirls turn into women. In comparing the pictures it doesn't look like she has changed all that much.
DSC025192014 Blow2015
Tags: birthdays, grandchildren

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