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Had the most marvelous visit with my old much laughter, like silly little girls we were.  I'm always sore the next from laughing so hard. Totally filled with gratitude at our reunion, it gets better and better each time we meet. It did snow on Wednesday, but not a lot, very pretty to watch it coming down though.

I was tired yesterday, even fun can do that I find, so I took a nice long bath, put on a pot roast and then a sweet nap. Got up, finished up dinner and then Erin and Anah came to eat.  Erin has nearly finished the current jigsaw puzzle. She teases her dad that she has done it almost without his help.

Today is my appointment with the cardiologist.  I've had PVC's for almost 40 years but, lately they became almost constant and I haven't had a cardio workup since I was first diagnosed plus Erin has been trying to get me to go so I made an appointment. Tis lovely that my doc is also her fiancee.  I expect I'll have to wear one of those holter monitors, but that shouldn't be too bad.  The interesting thing is that the palpitations have mostly gone away. About a year ago my primary care doc increased my bp meds.  I take Lisinopril HZT which contains a diuretic. Thus double the dose of diuretic.  He didn't seem to think that it mattered but as time went on I started noticing signs of something amiss.  Erin (who is a cardiac nurse) had talked about this with the fiancee and we all got to thinking that perhaps too much diuretic was screwing up my electrolytes, probably making me low on potassium too. Last week I cut my dose back to the original one pill and saw changes... skin less dry and wrinkly.. that's a plus any time! Less confused thinking, less anxiety. So hopefully a med change perhaps to a beta blocker will take care of all things. I am usually an absolute mess just thinking of seeing a doctor - never have trusted them after that shrink I saw many years ago got me all caught up in ssri's and anti-anxiety meds, but today I awoke calm and curious as to what might be going on in this old body of mine.

I'm am more than little concerned about my oldest granddaughter, Amanda, age 29 with two small children and a partner who is blind. After suffering from a endless variety of neurological symptoms and seeing an unbelievable number of doctors, last year she was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease.  Seems she was probably affected in her teens.  She has been seeing a doctor who specializes in Lyme cases and has taken a long string of antibiotics that have totally destroyed her gut flora and now she has lost 50 lbs. and been diagnosed with "wasting disease".. wherein your body has used all your fat for fuel and starts eating up your organs and your muscles, rather like it does in anorexia. She is very brave. Apparently the number of cases of Lyme disease in this country is enormous and she has made contact via the internet with many other people similarly afflicted. As she and her partner are both on disability, they have little to no money and it's just so sad.  I do what I can when I can.  She recently set up a site on
She also went to the cardiologist yesterday and is wearing a monitor. When we spoke last night she said we could be cardio monitor buddies.

Just after getting off the phone with my granddaughter, my second daughter, Tracy, called and while we were talking, she says, "Oh mom, someone just hit us, I'll call you back." After several very tense moments on my end she called back to tell me that she had be rear ended and the damage to her car was slight.  I couldn't talk her into going to get check out, stubborn woman (wonder where she got that? lol) and this morning she appears to be okay.

I shall remain hopeful about all the above issues as well as me learning to make a "short row" heel.  I switched from knitting hats for my donation project to knitting these little socks and short rows are not my forte.  I made the heel last night but it's not quite correct so in my usual "it's got to be perfect" way I will frog it back and start it over.

Happy Friday to one and all...may your weekend be fabulous!
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