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I sat down yesterday to write a entry and no sooner had I booted up ye old desktop when the internet went down and it stayed down for so long that I never got back to posting.  I did, however, make some notes so that when the time came I would remember what has been happening in my life, mundane though it may be.

So, on Sunday not the one just past, but a week ago, I made chicken enchiladas and fed some of my children and grandchildren.  The daughters had been "out" the night before to bar for Halloween and though able to consume food, one of them fell out on the couch after dinner and the other spent most of her time on her phone.  The children, on the other hand, behaved well and bonded with some of the neighborhood kids and spent the day out of doors playing so it was not a bad sort of day after all.  On Monday both Erin and Anah were ill with some sort of respiratory thing.  Erin thought she had a migraine coming on and was quite pitiful on the phone.  We grilled some salmon and roasted sweet potatoes and I took over food for the sick ones.  You'd have thought I was some sort of goddess the way they went on about the food, quite rewarding that was.  By Tuesday Erin was back at work, but Anah stayed home so Joe watched her while I went to knitting.  I managed to forget my knitting bag, oh yes I did.  Had a bag of books that needed returning to the library so I guess I just confused the weight of that bag with having my knitting along, but it gave me time to just sit and chat which was really quite nice.

On Wednesday we had much needed rain and then it rained again on Thursday which was, of course, Halloween.  I felt badly for my granddaughter who along with her partner and some friends had built this huge castle and fence, all of cardboard.  The rain finally did let up and they were able to get it all outside, but the nasty weather did keep trick or treaters inside so there weren't many people around to see their display.  The family was all there, however and we had great food as always and enjoyed each other's company.  I totally rocked being a zombie.  Spent the whole afternoon working on my makeup and was dubbed a success by all the family "Walking Dead" fans.  I spent Friday attempting to recover but was still weary on Saturday.  Tracy came Friday evening as she and the other girls were running a 5K benefit for a local man who was run down by a car while training for the Boston Marathon. She ended up staying on Saturday as well because Lainey wanted to spend the night with her cousin and since Tracy lives a fair distance away, she didn't want to drive back down again.  We spent our time together doing nothing much, reading mostly but it was nice and I know she needed the rest.

 On Saturday I did get outside for a bit and planted quite a number of daffodil bulbs that I had lifted in the spring.  I gave Tracy what I had left over and she called to say that she had planted 88 bulbs, should be a great show in the spring.

 Sunday evening Erin and Anah were back again and we grilled some delicious filets and I had enough lettuce and spinach to cut for a lovely salad along with tomatoes that I saved from the frost which are now ripening.

 Which brings me to today which included a luncheon with my classmates.  I have absolutely nothing in common with those people just as I didn't when I was in school with them, but I did my best to be sociable.  Had I not had the idea to start a FB group for the class I would not go to the luncheons but I feel somehow committed. *sigh*.. I'll be more careful next time a brilliant idea seizes me.

 Ok.. now it hurts to sit and type and I probably should have gotten up from this chair 10 minutes ago, but here I sit, just long enough to sign off and send LOVe...

I did enjoy being a zombie, so little brain effort required :)

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