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Woke up at 2.. yuck.. had a hard time going back to sleep and ended up arising at around 4 or so.  Not much going on at that time so I sat with the dog and read a book I've just begun, "Mary Coin", so far it's not a bad book, though not an illustrious one either.  I am such a book snob, all that English Literature education made me that way :) At any rate, felt like crap till about 2, all out of sorts, not thinking clearly, having anxiety.. blah blah, the usual crap that assails me from time to time.  Grateful that I am now feeling much better and I think I just might be able to stay awake until 8 so that I may go over to her house and view the costumes of my daughter and her friends.  Daughter being 44 and newly divorced is going with a group of friends and one of her sisters (age 47) to a costume party at a sports bar.  Grateful that they have a sober driver, a nice young man who gave it up totally, so they should be safe that way.  Happy for the recently divorced daughter as she had been in a horribly abusive marriage for 10 years, awful really, but children must have their own experiences I suppose.  Can't be any other way can it?

Finally took a muscles relaxer and my back felt better so that help shift my mood.  Did not meditate yet today, that might be a sweet way to fall asleep later on.

I've been baking a ton of bread in the new bread machine.  I was once a purist and made all my breads by hand, but now tis a bit painful to do the kneading bit.  I gotta say that I am hung up on the Whole Wheat Flax Seed Bread, so light and love the crunch of the seeds.  Made two pies today, an apple and a cranberry/blueberry.  Both turned out quite nicely.  I'll be taking some over to youngest daughter's home as she has requested some, can't wait till tomorrow perhaps.  But, it does stroke my ego a bit to turn out a good pie.  I was once nicknamed "Lois the Pie Queen."

Had a couple of days that were painful after striding about the Botanical Gardens Sunday last, and still creaky in the joints today.  The weather has cooled considerably and that does tend to stir up .. my mother's term "Old Arthur."

I continue to work on my sockyarn scrap aghfan, it's coming along nicely.  The Miss Marple socks are looking good, almost ready for the toe, but haven't knitted much today as I was making pies.

We enjoyed a lovely skillet of Scotch Blue Kale, Dinosaur Kale, and Rainbow Swiss Chard. I have enough harvested for one more meal, and then we will see if it lives or dies as it is outside.

The trees are turning, the sugar maple next to the house has already dropped her leaves and her sister is just barely turning.  Still many trees that are green.  Haven't taken many pics but I think I have one of the sugar maple.. why is LJ posting all my pics sideways, is there a certain size it shoud be?  I don't know but I'm leaving it there for now even though I find it irritating, perhaps it's just a sign to let go of perfectionism? God works in mysterious ways ... always
sugar maple
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