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Playing Catch Up

Of course, I did intend to write, but I didn't.  So now it's time to say a bit about what has happened since last I put fingers to keyboard.

I attended the Town Meeting sponsored by Show-Me Cannabis, a group working for the legalization of marijuana in the State of Missouri.  I found it to be quite interesting.  There were several speakers and then an open mic.  Several well spoken youngeters from the crowd got up and talked about the way in which cannabis bonds with certain receptors in our brain, and that the plant was made for us and we should be allowed to use it.  Great point but probably not going to be what sways the voters to say Yes to this type of initiative.  A 33 year veteran of the St. Louis police force offered  stats and info on the $$ it costs to handle a case for even a small amount of cannabis.  There was a State Rep in attendance and in favor of legalization.  I liked him.  There was discussion about the now proven medical benefits, industrial hemp, and NO pot is NOT the "gateway drug" that is has been said to be.  A good crowd showed up, about 100 folks, not bad for a town of 13,000 located in the conservative Bible Belt. I'd be quite pleased to see legalization in my home state and might well campaign for getting it on the ballot, they propose it's possible in 2014.

I spend a day helping my daughter and granddaughter with their Halloween costumes, last Thursday that was.  We had a great time, very good and a rare treat to have that particular dynamic going on.  With a large family sometimes the smaller groups within get subsumed by the family as a whole. But, not on that Thursday.  We used a lot of hot glue and I did a bit of sewing and we birthed "Mother Nature" and "La Senorita del Dias de Muertos" - please forgive my Spanish, it's been a long time.

Over the weekend just passed I visited the Shaw Botanical Gardens in St. Louis.  Two of my children got tickets for Ringling Bros Circus for themselves and their daughters and I went along for the ride and got dropped off at the Gardens.  I had a lovely time, there was still a lot of bloom and the big deal was the "Corpse Plant" which had bloomed just the day before.  People anticipate the blooming of these plants, apparently not many in captivity, and they are time lapse photographed and they STINK.  The one I saw was past prime and therefore, past maximum stink potential.  I was grateful for this as I have a carrion flower cactus which blooms and is very rank.  The smell, of course, is to attract flies in their natural setting and they smell like rotten meat.  I can only imagine what that big one might have been like.  Here's a pic, at peak bloom the yellow tube structure was erect, not so several hours later.  Apparently no one got to witness the "peak bloom" time.. well no one in the public sector, as it occurred in the wee hours of the morning and the gardens were closed.

WWell f*ck, I can't seem to get this pic to load with the correct orientation nor do I know how to change it  once it's up so it shall just remain sideways.

Spent the morning today at knitting club, moving along with the mosaic socks fairly well now, into the foot and hope to get this one done before next week's meeting.  Spent the afternoon harvesting madly anything that looked like it might be edible as we are expecting a freeze tonight and I imagine that all the tender plants will be dead in the morning.  I am holding out hope that the kale, chard, and especially the dinosaur kale will survive as I've heard that the dinosaur variety turns quite sweet after hit by a frost.  Have two gallons of chard, 3 gallons of kale and gave 2 gallons of collards to a friend.  A very good day for harvesting greens! Gave nearly a dozen peppers to another friends as I already have a nice bag of them in my fridge and we are not large fans of peppers.  Whacked back the parsley and have it laying out on the counter, will hang it up to dry in the morning.  Took some pics of the flowers, the nasturtiums have been especially sweet this fall, some rare red colors.  But the seasons change and now its on toward the snow and ice portion of our year.  I look forward to winter as a time of rest, knitting, reading and writing.  Like the Earth I just like to chill out.  LoVe

corpse flower
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