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Facebook can be so fucked up

So once again I posted something in FB that got a comment that upset me. It was a picture if the ores and first Mary and said something like if you hate her or you hate him, it's your hate that's the problem not them. And then this guy who I knew 40 years ago posted a political comment about how Obama is the problem. Not what I had on mind when I put up the pic as my mind was running along the lines of how bad it is to hate anyone.  And I tried to explain in a comment that I did not discuss my political views ( really I don't have any) and he said that by posting the pic I was being political at which point, I was done with the whole thing so I deleted the post and I friended him. And then he writes me asking why I had I unfriended him and I tried to explain that we don't really know each other and that truly I would rather hang with like minded people and that was that. The whole thing rather upset me, and I shall be more careful about what I put out there in the future.

Today was just a crappy day all way round, didn't feel well physically, and had major anxiety issues, no doubt my vibration was so wacky that is the reason I attracted the whole situation.

At least I'm feeling better now as I broke down and took a muscle relaxer and my neck quit seizing up so I was able to sit and watch the walking dead without pain.

got one more square done on the afghan, maybe will do another before bed. Knitting club is tomorrow so hopeful I will feel like going as I need some help on the mosaic sock pattern, the chart for the heel flap does not make sense to me and I'd like to get on with it.


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Oct. 22nd, 2013 11:22 pm (UTC)
this one got me thinking. I am much like you. I try not to have a political opinion. No matter how much I try to avoid the news, you are bound to hear things and you will either like or dislike what you hear, and thereby something like an opinion is formed. I think even those that are NOT politically involved should be able to like or dislike. It's really not much more for me. If that makes any sense.
Oct. 22nd, 2013 11:47 pm (UTC)
it does make sense.. thanks for your comment, I do agree. I generally feel as if I am not well informed enough to have political opinions, but then, maybe I know enough about those issues that do matter to me and there are few of those.. now I'm thinking :)
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