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Trying to Create a New Habit

I am trying to remember to write here, if not every day then at least a few times a week.  It sucks that I cannot sit at the keyboard for very long, aging is definitely a challenge.

So what to say.. what's important enough to record.  Ah, I had a marvelous Reiki experience not long ago, replete with colors and very healing.  I must do some Reiki on my neck as soon as I finish this entry.

Today the weather was lovely.  I went for a walk in the park with the hubs, though not for long as neither of us has been walking much so we are breaking in slowly so as not to break ourselves.. hah  Three of my girls came out today, 4 grandchildren also.  Truly I enjoy them more in smaller doses, when there are so many, it is noisy and the ambient noise makes it difficult for me to follow conversation and my girls can be so critical of me.  Or maybe I am critical of my self and am just blaming it on them.  I've been working on learning to love my self for so long and honestly there are times I feel, I have made no progress, but then in other moments, I can see that I do feel a wee bit better about being me.

My long time gratitude partner and I have been working with this question over the last several months.. when we have to make a choice, we ask ourselves, "What would someone who loves herself do?".. Hopefully, tho it doesn't always work that way, an answer is generated and we then behave in the manner of "someone who loves herself."  The one aspect I have noted most when I ask myself the question is that I don't really love myself so how can I know how to behave.

As always, I shall endeavor to carry on, there is not alternative ...

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