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This is just a test

This is just a test to see if I will start to write again.  I'd like to, but it's quite challenging for me to sit and type at ye old desktop and the Ipad is just not the way to go for writing, at least for me.  Perhaps I could get used to the laptop, though I tried when we first got it and didn't like it.  But, I've changed, maybe I wouldn't mind it so much now.  I like it that when I tried to get into Blogger, it wouldn't let me and so I let that be my guide as to where to start writing again.  And, here I am at LJ after quite some time.  I shall have to look around and see if I have any friends left here. And just to see who is still writing here. Now that, I can do on the Ipad....

Life is good here on the farm.  Still picking peppers, cutting greens and almost time to dig the sweet potatoes.  Experimenting with bringing in Celery for indoor cutting this winter.  Read a blog in which a woman says that she has 7 year old celery plants, brings them in every winter.  Hubs has nicely volunteered his bathroom as it has a nice south window, so perhaps we can grow some celery inside.  It's ever so much better than the stuff from the grocery, its a dark rich green, a bit more fibrous than the other and not nearly as tall.

Anah is with me this evening and she has taken the dog for a walk.  Hubs mowed a path all around our property so now we have our own walking trail, quite nice really.

Well that's enough writing, my neck is screaming in spite of an Ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer.. I've been in here several times today, amazingly enough since I really have not felt much a connection to my high schools years, I started a FB group for my class as our 50th Reunion is next year.  If I get there, will be my first. But, I am enjoying the contact with these people I haven't seen in 50 years so weird as it seems to me, it's not bad.

Love to all..
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