rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Going UP to the Spirit in the Sky

My brother's life partner of 25 years was disagnosed with leukemia June   2011.  She was at the five year mark after treatment for cervical cancer when she became ill a second time. The leukemia (AML) was created by her earlier treatments.  Chances of recovery were slim and treatment too brutal to consider so she opted to take her remaining time on her own terms.

Her daughter and grandchildren took her to see the ocean.  She'd never been there before.  She hadn't been on the back of a Harley for a couple of decades.  Her grandson took her on a sunset ride down the beach.  She got a Christmas tree with multicolored lights that made her smile.

After Christmas she spoke only once and then slipped away. She left her body behind and began her next new adventure Tuesday, January 3, 2012.

What a great sister.

At her request we held what she termed would be a party, call it what you will, a wake, a send off, a memorial, it was really a good party.  An amazing number folks showed up.  Bonnie was a much loved person.  We held hands and circled while one after another her friends and relatives stepped forward and offered their testimony to beauty of Bonnie's existence.

Her light will be missed but she is with us always and her legacy shines out in the smiles and the eyes of the many kids she touched.  Some of them now in young adulthood each and every one of them loved her to pieces and will never forget her.  Her granddaughter told us that she had given her an enchanted childhood in which anything was possible. 

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