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Life is Good

Just back from a walk with the pup.  She is still growing, 7 mos. old and 45 lbs.  Yep, gonna be a big dog that's for sure.  And since the Universe doesn't make mistakes and the pup was after all a gift from the Universe she's going to be just the right size.

I love standing up on the hill where we have bonfires and looking down at the farm.  What a beautiful place!  Beautiful memories, friendships, heartaches nearly 40 years of living right here on this hilltop.  I love it :)

windy today though warm for November, glad I got out and about.  Having a puppy keeps me active. 

My mantra for today is, I AM Strong, Confident and Healthy.

Life is good here on the farm.  Just peeked in the greenhouse on my way back and I see several tomatoes that need picking and the spinach will be ready again.  Chard and kale are putting on true leaves.  Love the greenhouse!  Having ripe tomatoes that we have grown this late in the season is awesome.  Didn't get a pic.. battery down in camera.  *note to self*.. recharge battery.

The greenhouse tomato is an accident.  She was part of a batch of starts my hubs got going and ended up in a flower box.  In July she was getting too big for that locale and the plastic had blown off the greenhouse so stuck her out there in the raised bed and voila she is still growing and blooming.  This is only our second year w/greenhouse so everything is still experimental and a lot of fun too.

It feels good to be writing again, its been a long time since I have been moved to set things down.  Which reminds me that I have an article to edit for the newspaper as I am still co-authoring the knitting column for our local rag.

Anah is staying with me till Sunday so lots of interesting fun times ahead for the weekend.

Love to ALL and namaste`
Tags: farm, greenhouse, organic produce, sustainability, the good life, tomatoes
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