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And so I was reading the journal's of my LJ friends and realizing just how long it had been since I had posted here and feeling very nostalgic and a wee bit sad that I have neglected this journal so badly.  Thing is I've got a blog, but its a private one, and dedicated totally to appreciation and I post there nearly every day, but doing that seems to take up any energy I have for blogging and so I hardly ever get here to say anything.  So, I'm sad about it.

But, I'm glad I came here to read and catch up on what is happening with the folks I know here.  I do love reading about your amazing lives.

As for me, spring is slowly arriving and I've started working outside.  Things are "up" in the garden, the first stuff, the greens and lettuce and carrots i.e.  I'm still picking lots of spinach from the greenhouse though it is starting to go to seed.  I'm still knitting and writing for the newspaper about said knitting.

Went to Mexico in mid-March, came home quite ill and took a couple of weeks to get better. Thinking I will vacation in the good old USA the next time round.

So, nothing much has changed, and that's good because I do love my life.
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