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Involuntary Celibacy - o mi goddess

desire is in men a hunger, in women only an appetite - mignon mclaughlin

Welcome to Incelsite !

This site is here in order to spread awareness and knowledge of a little known condition called involuntary celibacy, 'invcel' or "incel" as it is most often referred to (because it is less of a mouthful ;). Whilst that is the official term for the condition of having a lack of sexual or romantic interaction in one's life, often for extended periods, people often take a long time to firstly truly realise that a lack of romantic interaction is what is truly being missed, and then term it as best they can.

In fact there are many names for being "involuntarily celibate". You may have thought up a name of your own (seeing as it is doubtful this is a discussion topic with the family), so here are a few of the more common terms:

long term celibacy, frigidity, shyness, sexual dormancy, coyness, inexperience, relationship-shy, non-ogamous, i-sexual, circumstancial celibate/virgin, un-sexual, relationship challenged, romantically challenged, and so on...

the list is endless, which is why this site is here, to raise awareness to those who may feel like they are "the only one". Trust me, you aren't . The site has grown from a mailing list dedicated to incel issues, which has been active since the late 1990's.

This site is built on submissions from those who feel they may have something to offer other incels as stories of warning, hope, success and to offer hints and tips on how to cope, live with, and overcome the situation of being a terminally celibate person.

Do you feel like you may be involuntarily celibate? then click on the "Am I Incel?" link to the left to see a more in depth description of incels and whether you feel you would fit into this particular category. There are also many "stories so far" of guys and girls from various backgrounds, who realised "hey, nothing's going on in this area of my life... ..."

The Success Stories section features people who have "graduated" from the list or from being an incel and are now in successful relationships. There are also stories from others who have gained some experience in the relationship arena since joining the list.

The Advice pages are gradually filling up with advice for all sorts of situations, from how to approach potential partners, to advice on how to overcome physical tension. Advice on pretty much anything is welcome here.

The comprehensive Links area contains news on other support websites and sources of information, focusing on the many wider issues experienced by incels.



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