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To Smoke or Not??

Oops the scan is a little wacky, but it is hard for me to get down there where

the printer is and get it all really straight..


This is a reading I did for my self today.  The question:  Should I give up smoking marijuana?

My interp:  I can benefit from balancing my work load and overdoing for the sake of other people.  Giving up smoking could very well be a useless sacrifice, and I would do well to accept assistance wherever I may find it, even if it is the gifts I receive from my use of the herb :)
Would be overjoyed if someone else would do a quick interpretation for me...

I am quite interested and excited by doing these compartive readings... Big difference in the feeling of motion produced by the Gilded that is not present in the Waite Smith.. (the figures are pretty stiff)..  With the Hanged Man in reverse, the Gilded image seems like he is running.


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