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Party Time at the Farm

today we shall gather to bless and welcome home our sister Wanda... lots of food... some drinking no doubt, and much love will make up the spice of the day LOL...

And I also want to remember that today when I asked the cards about this day I drew first the reversed Queen of Wands.. but it is the Gilded deck, and the accompanying book doesn't really deal with reversals.. But then again.. I really like to go with own interpretations and I can see either myself or Wanda as the Queen of Wands.. that the queen is reversed probably means Wanda...because I know her so well I wonder if I am putting a certain slant on my meanings.. hmm

Another thought.... if the Queen Wands is me.. then the reversal seems to indicated things could go either way... a really good time or blow up in my face.. LOL

Feeling that I had not really constructed a worthy query.. I tried again, and simply asked what are the energies that may affect the atmosphere of the day.. Now I really have to think about this one...cause now I hold the Five of Swords... personally I rather like the guy... He appears a winner, he's got all the swords and the remnants of a battle are seen mistly in the background. I feel they are vanquished foes and give some sadness to a otherwise victorious card (reminds me of life... which always seems to contain a great many trade offs).... I could grab onto Joan Bunning's (bless her she always throws a bit of positive info in)....
"Sometimes you need to put yourself first"...which then could be interpreted as I need to do a bit less today, and let others help me.. I'll go with that for now.. hope to get back to this tomorrow post event..

And then go over the reading again.

Now it's time to cook.... and cook..

Much gratitude to the cosmos today for my blessed life....and loving friends and family..

Rastafari... Jah Live... Alhamdollilah....Amen.... Hallelujah....
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