rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

The Year Begins

Awakened at midnight by some local fireworks, I didn't sleep as well as I might.  Anah and Erin spend the night in Columbia and Anah called me this morning to tell me that she loves me.  How delightful.. she is such a darling little girl and loves her Mooma so much.

I had a lot of nervous energy and focused my anxiety on the kid's who were in another city.  I finally just called to see if they were OK and after a quick check in with Erin, my anxiety dissapated and was able to have a pretty good time.

I baked, knitted, finished Erin's fingerless mitts, danced, scanned some photos, took a long hot bath, cooked black eyed peas and mustard greens, ate, had a fab breakfast of smoked pork chops, home fries, fried eggs, toast and coffee.. yum

I am working on choosing a word for this year, that word will be something I want to manifest.. considering.. bloom, expand, open, flourish, creation, authenticity.. will think more on the word tomorrow.

I'd like to think I'll write again tomorrow..


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