rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Catch UP

Where does the time go? It passes swiftly and I can't find time to blog these I'm playing catchup with this one.

Yes, we had Thanksgiving and everyone except Dylan's mother showed up at my house. I have not heard from my daughter in over four months now.

We ate lots of wonderful food and hung out together the whole day. I was very pleased that my brother and his wife were able to attend. Neither of them is in good health and I wonder every year if they will make it once again. My sister-in-law has been undergoing tests to determine if she has an infection in her bones as she is not healing well from the fractures which happened last year. She is such a wonderful person and has been laid so low, not so much from having cancer, but from the treatment which destroyed her bones.

My grandson, Dylan, moved to Kansas City in the hopes of finding employment there. He had not been able to find anything in the small town near where we live. He has not been happy there, missing his friends and family back here.

I am waiting for my granddaughter as we are going to decorate the tree. I have made gingerbread cookie dough since she asked for it. I know that her shining eyes and beautiful smile will light up the house and we will enjoy putting the tree together.

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