rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

What's going on...

What am I doing?

I am busy.. I am freezing green beans, tomatoes and peaches.  I am working to integrate my grandson into my life since he has moved in to my home to live.  I am getting him ready for school.

I am working to accept that my daughter just moved away and left her son.

I am loving the company of my grandchildren large and small.

I am baking a pie for a neighbor whose husband died.

I am doing laundry.

Where have I been?

I went to see Heart in concert last Friday.. that was fun!  It evoked great memories of concerts past and dreams of concerts future.

I went to St. Louis with two of my daughters and 3 grandchildren.  We took the kids to the Magic House and watched them find their joy.

I'm up .. I'm down.. I'm all around.. dealing with lots of family drama.. trying not to let it get me down.  I am facing life drug free and there are days I would like to take a hand full of pills, but I don't. I won't..

I'm learning to cope.. to find joy.. to let go.. to sing and dance again.. I have everything I need to etch some copper and when things calm down a bit, I'll be back making jewelry.. and I'm still knitting socks..

and now I've got to finish that pie..

love you all..

How about a pic from the night of the concert.. taken with my daughter's Blackberry..

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