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Swimming Pools

Just back in the house from a little dip in the pool.  Now when I say pool don't get the idea that it is a huge inground pool.. nope nothing like that, but it is 12 ft in diameter and plenty deep enough to get good and cool in.  Heck, I can even swim back and forth across it.  And the grandgirls love it! 

For years I had wanted a pool of this sort because  *gosh*  Missouri sure does get hot in the summer.  Even the AC doesn't seem to keep me cool enough.  My husband was adamant that a pool would #1 be too expensive, and #2 be too much work.  When we tore down our old garage what remained was a large concreted pad.. hah I thought... the perfect spot for a pool.  Thus, last year I just jumped in and went out and bought a pool.  It was great.  I loved it.  One day all the water went out in a giant *whoosh*.. oops.. Big leak in the ring at the top, couldn't find the leak, couldn't fix it. So, I bought another pool, different syle, bigger, better and within two days it was ready to go.  It has lasted thru the rest of last year's season and so far so good this year.

Husband.. who never gets in the pool... takes care of it, keeps it clean and everything in working order!  He seems to have forgotten or let go of all his arguments against having it.  Today I am grateful for the pool, for the husband who takes care of it and pays for the water, and the grandgirls who enjoy it so much.

Here's a pic of my first pool which is a bit smaller and the grandgirls enjoying the one I have now:)

Tags: grandchildren, summer, swimming pool

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