rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Knitting Socks

I've got to say that I just love knitting socks!  At first I was confused dismayed and frustrated as I worked to learn how to control four tiny knitting needles.  It felt like knitting with toothpicks.  Time passes.. doesn't it always?  and with practice and patience I feel comfortable with the needles and, in fact, like using the little ones much better than the bigger ones.  The needles are siz 1 1/2 and are wooden.. another thing I love, wooden needles.. and the yarn is cool too.. what fun to see how the stripes come together and wonder what color is coming up next. The yarn for my first pair is reasonably monochromatic, but just wait the next pair is going to be done in rainbow color.. can't wait.  It is a fingering weight yard of wool, cotton, and nylon.

Creating the heel was a challenge, but I am pleased with the result and the next one will be much easier.  Moving on to the toe now and soon the first sock will be complete!  I have many future knitting projects in mind, but for right now it's socks!

And, sure I've got a picture..

Tags: knitting socks, socks
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