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Rain and Spaghetti

I've let this blank page sit here for hours now because I don't have a catchy title for today.. weird I know, but that's what has happened.  While the temperatures are warm it is raining outside and I believe that I delayed my scheduled walk a bit too long and unless it clears I will be exercising in the house again.

I have really enjoyed our Wii Fit and it keeps me in line as far as working out goes.  I let go of quite a lot of weight during the benzo withdrawal and am happy with this unexpected side effect so am trying hard to keep the weight off.  Along with the Wii fit I am using a DVD by Leslie Sansone that is based on walking with a lot of upper body involvement that really gets your heart rate elevated.  I am up to doing two miles with Leslie and if I walk in the park can now do close to 3 miles.  I am happy to be back to exercising on a regular basis as it lifts my spirit while maintaining good health.

Last night was Anah's basketball practice.. what a hoot!  Most of those kindergarteners and first graders are pretty clueless about how to play and I laughed and laughed at their antics.  Family members were invited to play and I even got out on the court with her and Erin.  Now that was a sight to see as I haven't played  basketball in 35 years or more.  It was FUN!

Planning to make spaghetti later.  Rogie and her family are coming over and Anah will be here after school so spaghetti seems like a good meal for a hungry horde like that.  It's wonderful to feel like cooking for folks again. 

and a few grats..

I am grateful for the rain.  It's been a dry winter.
I appreciate my family and the joy of grandchildren.
I love being able to go to the grocery and get whatever I need.
I am grateful to feel good enough to play basketball with my granddaughter and to be a part of her life.
I am super happy to feel spring in the air and to see signs of its advent everywhere I look.



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Mar. 12th, 2009 03:05 am (UTC)
Mmmm...spaghetti....sounds good. I love to be able to cook for a group of people too, it's so fun! And I love basketball, that's neat that they let family come out to play with the kids. I was good at basketball at a very young age. Even beat my guy cousin once who had at least 5 inches on me at the time!

The Wii fit sounds so fun. I wish I wasn't so broke so I could by one! Once I get money though that sounds like it'll be on my list.
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