rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Gone and Back Again

Just back from a short vacation to San Antonio, Texas.  I truly meant to write about it while I was down there and took along the laptop for that very purpose.  But alas, the internet connection at the hotel was the pits and so nothing got done.  At first I was frustrated by that outcome, but decided that the Universe simply wanted me to have time away from electronics and so it was.

I had a wonderful time, lots of good food, great company, long strolls along the Riverwalk, fantastic spa experiences, and just general relaxation.  I am super grateful for my wonderful kind loving daughter, Tracy, who took me along on a business trip.  Every once in a while I get the opportunity to accompany her and always jump at the chance.

I had not been in San Antonio since the late 1980's so it had been a while.  I will certainly try to get back down there and do some of the things I missed this time around. 

I didn't stop my yahoo group mail since I thought I'd have a connection, so have been wading through tons of email today, but am nearly caught up now.  Have not taken the pics out of the camera, but hope to get that done soon and put some up in here.

The weather was incredible down south.. temps mid 80's and I am pleased that it is warm here at home now too!  I can feel spring in the air now which is very exciting, have planted lettuce, spinach, onions and potatoes and the crocus are blooming.. Bring it on.. I am so ready!
Tags: texas, trips, vacation

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