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The Great Wolf Lodge Adventure

On January 1 two of my daughters and I along with their daughters ages 4 and 5 drove to Kansas City, Kansas for a two day stay at the Great Wolf Lodge.  What is the Great Wolf Lodge you might ask.. and then I would say well it is a hotel/motel combined with an indoor water park and other child oriented activities.  A bit on the pricey side but since there were 3 adults we were able to split the cost and come out nicely. 

I was impressed by the hotel's emphasis on "being green", the first time I have stayed in a room that had a recycle bin in the room!  The food was delicious, healthy and we enjoyed eating constantly.   The indoor water park was loud so I wore ear plugs:)  There were water slides, a lazy river, hot tubs, wading pools and a really warm swim area, all contained within the three story building, amazing really.  The children were enthralled and spent several hours each day delighting in the water activities while it was cold cold outside.

On our last evening we drove next door to Legends Mall where we ate at the T-Rex Restaurant.  Wow.. dinosaurs everywhere, big ones.   The dinosaurs roared, a volcano on a huge screen erupted.  We sat under a giant octopus whose tentacles constantly moved.   On the next level was a woolly mammoth complete with artificial snow and the gift shop ceiling was comprised of a BIG model of the solar system.  The granddaughters squealed with delight every time the dinosaur bellowed and shrieked as the lava started to flow on screen.  The food was good, abundant and served nicely.  An all around great experience.

I am incredibly grateful to have been able to have this experienced with my family.  This is the first time I have left home since I started coming off the head meds and I sailed through it wonderfully, couldn't ask for more!!

Tags: great wolf lodge, vacation

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