rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

I Feel Good!

I am now  27 days away from taking my lase dose of valium and I feel great!  Symptoms are dropping away on a daily basis now.

Had an active day yesterday, even got out some wire to make a bracelet so it seems creative idea are slowly reappearing in my head. 

I continue to feel normal, normal for me I think at least!  I am pleased that I no longer have feelings of derealization.. that's way cool Cool.. I am going on a short vacation to Kansas City next week and looking foward to some time seeing other scenery.

The weather is more back to normal today. Yesterday we experienced really wild weather.. tornadoes in an adjacent county, lots of thunderstorms with lightening and high winds.. crazy for this time of year.  Freezing temps last night, but sun today and a high in the 40's so not bad.  We had some flooding, but I live on the top of a hill so not affected by that.

I intend to continue to feel good, to continue to leave sx's by the wayside and to live life to its fullest.

I intend to begin creating jewelry again.

I intend to enjoy the company of my family.

I intend to help others on the road to recovery.

I intend to celebrate LIFE!

Love and healing energy to all!

Tags: benzo addiction, recovery, valium
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