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Wow and double wow what a wonderful day I had yesterday!!  How great it is to enjoy the simple things in life!  Two of my daughters got together and arranged for a makeover for their older sister.  They said she was stuck in the 80's lol.  So, after having about 10 inches cut off her hair and some streaks added, she looks wonderful and is so very happy with the present her sister gave her for her 44th birthday.  I watched two granddaughters ages 4 and 5 while the girls were off to the salon and then we all went out to dinner together.  Just an all around lovely wonderful beautiful day.  Oldest daughter is the tallest one.. and yes I am dwarfed by them all.  The only one who is actually about my height couldn't be with us. 

Today's intentions:

To remain calm and centered.
To relax and take a long hot bath.
To be gentle with myself.
To love and be loved.

I am grateful for:

A lovely home.
Plenty of wood to keep said home warm.
A beautiful note from my granddaughter.
A loving supportive family.

Yesterday's Succeses:

A really normal day.
My oldest daughter's great makeover.
Great workout session.
Feeling wonderful.

To do list:

Enjoy life.

Namaste` my wonderful friends, may today find you enjoying life and it's many blessings!

Love, Love, Love

Tags: birthday, gratitude, intentions
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