rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Happy Birthday to ME

Sunday  was my 62nd birthday and it was delightful day.  Three of my four daughters came out to the house and I was surrounded by love, received wonderful gifts, had lunch delivered along with a homemade cake and enjoyed watching my granddaughters play.  Seriously it was the best birthday I've had in a long time!!

My husband gave me a laptop and I was really surprised about that!  Also received a wonderful fuzzy purple blanket to wrap up on chilly evenings, two Tarot decks for my collection, some cool glow in the dark rocks for outside plants, nice smelling shower gel, a great calendar for next year, rainbow colored gloves.. and even more.  I tell you I am totally blessed!!

The most moving present of all was given to me by my youngest daughter in celebration of my letting go of my dependence on valium.  She made me two CD's one has songs that speak of the things I left behind. It begins with the Rolling Stones singing "Mother's LIttle Helper".. how appropriate  lol.. And the other features songs that celebrate the way life is opening up for me.  She put a lot of work into these and I played them and just bawled like a baby.

Life is busy right now with the upcoming holiday and shopping to do, but I wanted to say here in writing just how much I appreciated this birthday and how significant it has been in a long string of birthdays.  For sure, I'm NOT getting older, I'm getting BETTER!

I am grateful for the love and support of my family!

I appreciate the many many blessings in this life of mine.


May you all be blessed today and every day of you life:)

Tags: 62, birthday, gratitude
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