rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Funeral Clothes

Just last week I had a conversation with my walking partner about funeral clothes.  We agreed that though we are not inclined to attend such events, there are times when one simply must go. And, since we are both women who prefer casual dress, neither of us owns much that is "nice."  

  My friend, Sandy, a venerable woman of nearly 70 years remarked that she acquired a new pair of "funeral pants" in a lovely shade of brown.  Acquired, but not yet worn, they are ready for her. 

Waunita, of whom I have spoken earlier did pass sometime in the wee small hours of Tuesday morn.  Thus, I am have been trying to come to terms with "funeral attire."  My daughter came down yesterday and spent most of the day.  We went shopping in honor of Waunita, the greatest shopper I have ever known!!  I did buy two pair of capris, and two new shirts.  My daughter bought me a new jacket and a red skirt with sequins on the bottom.  Early birthday presents  :)... 

But, when I got home,  I realized I had not acquired anything to wear to the funeral.  

Faced with the reality of the five extra pounds I have gained, *ugh*, I just have very few clothes that still fit comfortably and haven't been worn in the garden* LOL...

My daughter called me this morning and says, "You know Mom, I don't think I'm going to wear that dress I bought yesterday to the funeral.  I really like the dress, and I don't want to connect it with funerals in my mind."  Knowing her as well as I do, she might just well do that.

Thus, today, without ANY of my children I went to one store, tried on four shirts and bought a purple one to wear with my tight but still breathable dependable linen slacks.  I have this really great pair of bell bottom dress pants that were supposed to be this year's funeral pants, but alas, I flow over them a bit much.

Now I have something to wear that is comfortable.  Much gratitude to the cosmos for providing something comfortable to wear.  I'm quite anxious about attending something this painful, with this many people.  I am feeling my own mortality overmuch methinks.  Time to kick myself in the ass again.. and get those damned pants ironed... 


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