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LOVE has ALWAYS Been the Answer!!

Love is a force

It is not a result

It is a cause

It is not a product
It is a power,

like money,

or steam or electricity
It is valueless

unless you can give

something else

by means of it
--Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Love is by far

the most positive force

in the world,

and it's a force

that we have to give

actively to others


our super-strong entertainment industry

tends to present love

as something that we "fall in" to,

something that

"makes us whole,"

usually through an addictive relationship

with another person whom we "love.

But if we learn to use love wisely,

we can make

a tremendous difference in the world,

even if it's in our own little corner of the world

If we learn to give love,

then we can give

many more important things

to the people we love:





strong self-esteem,

a feeling of belonging,

a feeling of being important to someone

Needless to say,

the list is a very long one
Love is a power.

Those people who use love as such
are very powerful people indeed,
though you'll rarely see them
in the spotlight
or in the public eye

They don't need public recognition,
for they recognize themselves
what they're doing
and what they're contributing
to the lives of others

Their love allows them
to send the strength of love
on to other people,
and that's enough
Love is a cause.

Love causes things to happen;
it causes people to change,
and it causes beautiful things
to come to pass

One of my greatest hopes in life
is that I'll learn
how to use love
in such a productive way
before I leave this planet,
so that I can leave
some seeds of love
behind when I go

Love will find a way.

Indifference will find an excuse.

~ Living Life Fully ~

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