rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Going Back to School

In two days I will be going back to school, and I'm very excited.   Totally grateful to be a senior citizen because i get to attend classes at the local community college (of which I am an alumnus) without paying tuition.  Long I pondered just what class I wanted to take,  and finally decided to go for "Drawing and Composition", a class I had to drop out of years ago due to a family crisis.

Am I nervous?? well a little I guess, but enthusiastic and interested enough to overcome any second guesses I might have.

Gosh, I guess I need a backpack and oh carp I forgot to get my parking pass. 

Well, I still have tomorrow :) and silly as it  may seem, I'm really wondering what to wear for the first day of school LOL
Tags: drawing, school
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