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First the Eyes

Yesterday had first appointment with new opthamologist. Was letting my optometrist manage my glaucoma until last visit when he wanted to add another drop making a total of 3, 2 of which have to be put in twice a day. My eyes are already constantly red and irritated, NO way do I want a third drop. He refused to listen to my suggestion to watch them for a while as I just started using CBD oil regularly, having read good things about it's efficacy in lowering pressures. At about the same time Erin was doing an observation with an opthamologist she thought I'd like and I did. My pressures have never been so low - 17 and 18, usually 23 and 24. The only things I have changed is adding the oil and getting back to meditating regularly. On the down side the angles in my eyes are narrowing and we will be monitoring those, another check in two months. Glad I changed doctors.

After that we headed out to Excelsior Springs for a two day stay at The Elms with some spa time and a lot of doing nothing.

Erin and Anah are with me, still sleeping, and Tracy will be here this morning, having spent the night in Kansas City after seeing Fleetwood Mac in concert. Can't wait to hear about the concert, she was quite excited. And hoping the kids wake up soon because I am starving.

Frosty Forecast

Temps supposed to drop to low 30's so took a picture of the flowers in case they die. All those blossoms from two zinnias I pulled up by mistake,  and stuck in a bare spot at the end of the raised bed.

Has rained all day, cold rain, so I've stayed inside. Been up since 4 a.m. so lots of time to fill.

Tried drawing, very out of practice.

Almost finished with "The Secret History."

Turned the heel on the lace sock.

Was going to work in my art journal, but all my collage materials are under the kitchen stuff I moved to make room for the Halloween decor. Too lazy to move all that. Last entry in art journal Mar 20, 2018.

Spent an hour on the phone talking to a pharmaceutical Tech about the design of the bottle that dispenses my eye drops. She was very helpful and hooked me up with the manufacturer's rep as she said they had had a number of complaints from other customers. It is irritatinngly impossible to get the drops into my eyes without spilling some. Seeing a new ophthalmologist next week so maybe he'll put me on some other kind of drops because I'm sure it will take them forever to get a new design for that bottle if they ever do.

Made an apple crisp last night and I think I'll go eat some. It sounds comforting enough as we now have seemingly bypassed Autumn and moved directly into winter.

Feeling Old

Went to my youngest great grandson's 10th birthday party yesterday. Been feeling crappy for the last few days and realizing that Josiah is now 10 rather added to the "gosh I am old feeling" that's been hanging around me like a premonitory shroud of late.

Though it had rained all morning, the sun came out for the party,  a good thing, as there were a huge number of maniacal 10 year old lads running amok. After the cake cutting, my daughter and I went next door to escape and have some time together. She and her husband are building a log cabin and it was good to see much progress there. They are living in their camper during construction and will be glad to have a real house again.

Drove around town and looked for signs urging voters to support Amendment 2, medical marijuana bill, pleased to find a good number. Maybe Missouri will come through on this one, fingers crossed.

Came home and Anah, J, and Erin came down and with their help got the Halloween decorations up, so it is looking festive now.

Was up from midnight on with stomach issues so still feeling blah. Another very rainy day and chilly too. The temps keep flipping back and forth with no time to acclimatize.

Reading Donna Tartt's book, "The Secret History," and finding it hard to put down.  Looking forward to a restful reading day and hopeful that my current malaise will be gone soon.

Small Stuff

Apparently the Homecoming Dance wasn't very exciting since Anah and J left early and went to his house. Much ado about nothing it seems. The build up is what's important, buying the dress, taking pictures, painted toenails etc.   So it seems to me. I, personally, never attended Homecoming when I was in high school, so have no basis for comparison.

Anah, of course, looked lovely to me.  I walked over to see the preparations and Erin grabbed a photo of us together. J was looking dapper as well and they are just soo cute together.

Sunday they tore down the float. Not a prizewinner this year so everyone was disappointed.

Have worked on the sidewalk mosaic the last couple of mornings and I just can't get a great picture of it, but will offer up the crummy ones just to show I am making progress and have started on a second crack.

Currently finishing up a P.D. James mystery, "An Unsuitable Job for a Woman." Not sure how I missed this one, but I did. I am embarrassed at the number of books I have recently acquired. I keep reading these lists and reviews and then adding the books to my "to read" stack. I am going to need another bookcase soon.

Went to knitting club yesterday morning, but still am not finding it to be a good fit for me. Might try again next week. I keep reading that social interaction is important in old age. While working on my current project (the lace sock) I was talking instead of paying attention and so came home and had to frog a number of rows. Yuck. If I go again will take a simple project that requires no thought.

With the husband's worthy assistance finished up whacking back the brush from the fence on the east side of the house. Not enough sun could get through and the lilacs were suffering. I've been sore since doing all that work, but not too bad.

Most of the garden is now done, but I picked a couple of gallons of green beans yesterday. We really need rain again and am hopeful that Thursday's 80% chance becomes a reality.

Continuing to dig through records and add to the family tree and have made contact with some distant cousins through the DNA testing. Thanks to fauxklore for suggesting uploading the raw DNA to a couple of free sites to see if I can make more connections.

Countdown to a trip to The Elms....10 days. I do love those spa vacations!

I haven't dug out my Halloween decorations. I really haven't thought I wanted to do so. How unusual. Halloween has long been my favorite holiday. Like so much else am I leaving it behind? Just seems like too much work, but could maybe make myself get out my favorite witch, decorate the bay window? I bought this 50 cent plant stake for inspiration.

Hat #2

An old well worn hat today, made of hemp, wears like iron. This hat will outlast me.


Fall Says Hats

Today is the first day that it has been cool enough to wear this new hat that I bought during the summer. I love fall the most of any season. And I love hats. Hats make a bad hair more acceptable.

The annual High School homecoming parade is today and I will wear my new hat to the parade. How lucky that it displays the red and blue colors of the local team.

Having lived in the nearby town for most of my life I know where the most beautiful trees are and the earliest ones that turn when the days start to shorten. The other day I took a few shots of the earliest trees putting on their autumn dresses.

Daughter number two is coming soon and we just might be going out to lunch the sun may not be shining outside but it is shining in my heart and it's going to be a great day!

I think I mentioned that daughter no. 4, her daughter, Anah, and I had sent off DNA samples for testing. We used ancestry.com because I have an established tree there which allows me to find far away cousins. Since the results came in my time has been consumed by research and making connections. What fun! I, love it!

Erin's results were as we expected: Britain, Wales, Ireland, England and some Northeastern European which probably enters on her father's side as comhis people came to the USA from Germany. Anah's genes could be a mirror image of the African Diaspora. Many different regions showed up, most on Africa's "Gold" and "Ivory" Coastsm the hotbed of the slave trade. It would appear that maybe her father was correct in saying that his ancestors came from Trinidad/Tobago; as Anah has a 1% Andean Native American showing up. And Trinidad/Tobago lies off the coast of South America. Who knows? We can't know, but we can have fun thinking about it. I was able to substantiate her direct paternal line yesterday, but only back to 1872. A couple of grandfathers back the family was living in Mississippi, most likely as slaves.

I was surprised and I have to say delighted my DNA registered a wee 1% from the Cameroon, Congo and Southern Bantu peoples. My mother, bred and born in the South is rolling over in her grave at that. I am enjoying it immensely. Thought I'd find Native American, but African instead. Also, did not expect to see Norway and want to see if I can follow that twig back and find some more info. A Viking heritage, how interesting.

Here's how it all shakes out:

84% Great Britain and Northwestern Europe
8% Norway
7% Ireland and Scotland
1% Cameroon, Congo, and Southern Bantu Peoples

Most of my online time is currently spent obsessively researching DNA circles, and learning how DNA passes down to us. The process is seriously interesting and challenging to understand.

So that's what's going on at Shady Grove Farm

I am grateful that Fall is coming.


Trent went to the Homecoming Dance in a nearby town. He certainly looked handsome all decked out in new duds, and his date is a real cutie. Anah and “Big J” will be going to our local homecoming dance next Friday. Trent will be there to, this time with a hometown girl . Erin and the gkids are building the sophomore float so I’ll once again go the parade to see the results. Small town homecomings generate a lot of events. There is a big Alumni bash at the local Municipal Auditorium. Daughter no. 2 is helping with that. I won’t be going.

I’ve picked chard, tomatoes and green beans and eaten a lot of them too
Made pickled beets.

Worked on family history - expecting my DNA results soon, so my interest has been ignited in genealogical directions again.

Finished the first in Ann Cleeves’ “Shetland” mystery series and liked it well enough to acquire a couple more.

Successfully moved forward with the lace sock that I had to lay aside a few weeks ago. Going to be a lovely pair of socks. Glad I gave it one more try.

Anah started saw yet another doctor about the injury sustained while throwing shot put months ago. He sent her to PT at a place in the city where it appears they are much more conscientious and thorough.

Made reservations to go to “The Elms” for some spa time.

No work on the sidewalk cracks, it’s been too damned hot!

Enjoyed the movie “Woman in Gold,” which I watched today. I love Helen Mirren and Klimt.

Practiced the ukulele most days but not much progress there. My fingers are really stiff, perhaps the knitting will loosen them up.

Looking forward to tomorrow when temps are predicted to be in the low 70’s F.
Also daughter no. 2 is coming to visit and bringing a movie, “The Book Club.” She has already seen it at the theater and thinks I’ll like it.

Saturday is youngest great grandchild’s 10th birthday celebration so will be doing the cake and ice cream thing that day.

That’s all I can come up with for now. Earlier I had more ideas on what to write, but today I’ve been rather foggy headed and unfocused, so whatever was in my head is now lost.

So, I’m off to pet Harold who is always grateful some good lovin’

September Selfie

Daughter no. 2 chose the pic...



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