I Have Not Succumbed

To either the Plague or social unrest that seems to be going on somewhere beyond my quiet farm. I haven't been in public since early March, have rarely left the farm except for a couple of car rides in the country.

The husband has long done the grocery shopping so I just have to make to a list. I have an easy existence in many ways.

We've had a lot of rain and the garden harvest has been abundant. Strawberries were sweet but not terribly plentiful, cabbage, cauliflower and brocooli did well. Cut a mix of greens (mustard, chard, kale and collards) to cook up later. Pulled a few carrots yesterday and will roast beets and carrots tomorrow. Beans are coming on. Oh and the snow peas were great.

I have amused myself by relearning Spanish and having a go at German and Danish. Find it absolutely fascinating and fun and can pass a lot of time with that.

In the complaints department: My back hurts a lot, gardening while it seems like fun is hard work. My anxiety has been out the roof, my sleep erratic and my breaking point fragile. Too much cosmic angst!

Of course, I'm always reading. Currently the first in a series by Barbara Neely's "Blanche on the Lam." Had this book before the social unrest and only when I started to read it, did I discover the author was a black woman and an activist. Synchroncity.. I love it.

I'm getting restless and would like to travel, but really is there anywhere I want to go? or could go for that matter. I try to remain hopeful that lasting change will occur in this country, change that brings equality,less violence and all those other things I've wanted to happen since the 60's.

I do often read what everyone is writing so as not to totally lose touch even though I know the best way is to be regular about participation.

Be well...

I Can See Clearly Now

In all these days of quiet I have enjoyed watching the spiral dance of humankind
We react in the traditional ways when faced with crisis, seeking answers from our oracles and flocking to our healers.

Though we want to believe hope is the answer, balm for our woes.

TRUTH seems to be a better solution to calm shit down.

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I Always Wanted to be an Anchorite

I've been silent for a while now. Quite frankly, I just haven't wanted to talk to anyone.

I am pleased to say that I have planted two raised beds, one with all kinds of greens and the other with spinach and carrots. We've had quite a lot of rain, so I wouldn't venture a guess as to whether any of it will sprout or not, but I remain hopeful.

Big Jay finished his welding course and returned home yesterday. If the world continues to go on then he has a possible job offer with a small company in a town not quite 30 miles away. A good started position. Hopeful on that.

I've been doggedly pursuing relearning Spanish. I find it it is a lot of fun. I do have Mexican neighbors so maybe I'll get to know them.

The Universe is constantly blessing me. A couple of months back Amazon sent us double our order so we have a lot of that stuff. I am so used to staying home that having to leave would be a real freak out. That is all I have to say about the madness outside of my Paradise.

The crocus are blooming and the daffodils in bud. Signs of Spring are everywhere. I look forward to sunnier days while appreciating the rain.

I did a February video, but am lagging behind on March. I thought it would entertain me for an entire year, but now I'm not so sure.