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Life is a Crapshoot

So here I sit in Denver, Colorado in the lobby of the Double tree, reflecting on this non vacation. Everyone else still sleeping.

Funny the flight out may well be the highlight of the whole thing. I had a great seatmate and we talked the whole way, hardly felt like I had left the ground and then we were down.

The Dead Sea Scrolls was a real wash out. I had hurt my shoulder hefting bags and so just sat uncomfortably while the kids explored the rest of the museum. The exhibit itself was so crowded you couldn't get close enough to to see much. We didn't stay long.

Everything was great for a while. So pleased that we were able to hook up a video chat with my grandson living in Dallas. We haven't seen him in over a year and communication has been spotty. He has hurt his back and will be down for a bit, but that gave him time off work and time to talk. We were all happy.

As night came on the headaches started along with breathing difficulty and nausea. Yep, altitude sickness. By morning we were quite ill.  Drove down the mountain  seeking relief and hope for the concert. Felt a little better but going back up made us sick again and with great sadness and major disappointment we drove to Denver where we enjoyed some good food, sat in the hottub and felt a little better.

We have decided to drive back, maybe we'll find something interesting on the way home, but if you've ever driven I70 through Kansas you know chances are slim. We will do our best to make our own fun and find good food, but we are a disconsolate crew right now.

I don't want to be home. Things going on there I don't want to face, but I'm leaving that for another entry.

*long sigh*

Heading West

Almost packed or overpacked probably. Sort of running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off. Checking and rechecking lists. Truly as long as I have my meds and my credit cards I can buy anything I might have forgotten. But seems the days of throwing a few Things in a backpack and leaving are over. I over think everything.

Finally reached both my brother's nurse and him on the phone. He appears to be doing well and is scheduled to be released soon.  That's when the fun will begin. Quite curious how he will handle the ostomy and IV drugs with only one good hand. His son was all set to help, but they had an argument do not sure if he will still be available. My brother can be such a jerk thst he ends up pushing away all who want to be of service. Been thus way all his life, he will have to endure the consequences of his actions. I sure do feel bad for his children. They try hard.

Looking forward to getting away, excited about the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit (love ancient artifacts), concerned about the  weather (100% chance of rain on concert night), yet content and grateful for the sight of the mountains and the cooler weather.

We've decided we might be able to handle some drizzle during the concert, but not a downpour, so fingers crossed the music happens. I sure do need some Ziggy Marley to stir me up.

Unsure of wi-fi but will try to post while gone.

Time to get up and run amok some more lol

Repellant Success

I am hesitant to view last night's success at keeping the coons at bay as a permanent solution, but only found one place where they had been digging. We achieved this by a combination of ammonia which I placed in a small dish near the basil and by the husband mixing a spray of ghost pepper sauce and water which he sprayed on the pots and some rags placed near the pots they hsd previously disturbed. Quite nice this morning not to have to replant and clean up their mess. Time will reveal if they learn these areas are now hot spots abd stay away. Will reapply for a while.

Harvested toy choi this morning, all washed, dried and in the fridge plus what may be the last of the lettuce.  Could have pulled carrots, but will wait till I'm ready to use them. I wish I had thought to take a picture because the plants were lovely.

Anah plans to take her test for her driver's permit this afternoon. I expect her to pass easily. She had a friend sleep over last night and I enjoyed watching them (from inside) as they floated around the pool while I imagined their conversation.

Not much info on my brother. I have avoided calling him directly for a number of reasons, but have repeatedly failed to reach the nurse in charge. Today I am calling him and bypassing the nurse's station. Second hand info reveals nothing awful.

Have reached the heel flap on the ugly socks.

Started watching Extant on Amazon.

Will finish the last in the very long Ian Rutledge mystery series today. Must choose a new book for the trip.  May be Every Man Dies Alone by Hans Fallada, but no doubt I'll throw in a cheap mystery just because.

I have actually starting packing though the whole idea of a vacation is a bit surreal. I do know I will be glad to escape the heat here.

I keep trying to write, but my anxiety levels are so high my mind is just too paralyzed to function.

Why? You might wonder. Overreaction to life situations I will answer.

A night in the ER with Anah whose last muscle spasm was seizure-like and now has her on the path of neurological exploration. All the docs are fairly certain, it's a pain/stress related reaction, but a sleep deprived EEG is scheduled next week. I worry too much.

My brother taken by ambulance to the hospital in the city with s septic bone in his hand. Surgery today. He has suffered so much. I cry a lot.

The last three mornings raccoons have dug up most of the plants I have in pots outside. I pick up the pieces and replant. Today we have an attack plan, ammonia and epsom salts to repel the bastards. I'm really angry.

The heat and drought continue. I despair of garden success. And no matter how much insect repellant I apply, the chiggers are merciless. I itch.

And reading this entry I see why I haven't written. Really now, who wants to read this litany of "oh woe is me." My overreaction disgusts me. 

But I will kick myself in the ass, pack my suitcase and leave for Colorado on Friday. I can do it, yes I can. And I will reset myself and come home renewed.

Anah's test will be negative. My brother will live or if he must he will die.

Soon, I'll breathe easy again.

Waiting to Bathe

The husband is doing his laundry. He took that task over when he retired. But, the water pressure is low here and you can't fill the bathtub and do a load of laundry simultaneously. So while waiting I went outside to the area just east of my bathroom, pulled a few weeds took a few pics, some of which will follow.

Anah continues to have problems with her hip flexor. Her mom talked to the ortho guy this morning and he says that a vacation sounds like just what she needs and so our Colorado adventure is back on. Another statement from same doc is something with which I wholeheartedly agree. He said that kids today are under too much pressure to succeed in so many areas that they have a lot of anxiety issues. And, that coaches only see these kids a body, a way to win and push push push them beyond their physical and emotional limits.

The strawberries are almost done producing. I stopped cutting asparagus. Next up for harvest is the "toi choi" and since it is the first time I have grown this I am unsure about when to cut it. Will research that while in the bath. I plan to stay their for a while. Will take a book and glass of water.

We got a wee bit of rain on Saturday and it has been cool and cloudy since. But, watch out for tomorrow when temps are climbing back to the 90's... UGH. I look forward to the mountains and the cool air.

And yes, that is the machine on spin cycle I hear.

Off to to soak away whatever needs to go.

At Least It's Cloudy

Though there is only a small chance of rain the skies are are overcast with the added benefit of a brisk breeze. It's almost pleasant outside. Went out at 6 and cut the asparagus for the last time. We have had lots and the spears have started to dwindle  along with for my enthusiasm for harvesting.

Other crops look good due to the husband's dedication to watering during this summer of no rain at all. The second planting of French fillet beans is coming up which is gratifying especially so because the seed was costly.  Yesterday I put 3 quarts of strawberries in the freezer. We are apparently sated for the moment with fresh ones.

Anah was not released to go to camp or play tennis. The camp thing was a relief to her because she didn't really want to go, but not to her aunt who had paid the rather enormous fee just so the cousins could go together one more time. Not being able to attend tennis practice is a sore subject as well as weight lifting being a no go. She is making progress and sees the doctor June 12, so hopefully will be improved enough to skip surgery.

We are going back and forth on whether or not to go to St. Louis on Sunday to see Stephen Marley. Today I'll call the venue and see if further info will help us decide. Matisyahu, whom I've never seen is opening and that sways me to saying yes, but whether or not I can be assured of a seat may be the deciding factor.

So far, this summer has been boring and stressful and  my mood swings from depression to panic. Too much time in the house but miserable outside. The recent "holiday" weekend was nice with pool time and great food that I didn't have to cook or clean up afterward.

In a effort to create diversion I cast on a pair of socks yesterday using some hand dyed yarn bought years ago. Not sure I like the colors, but surely someone will.

I was so desperate for something to do that I cleaned the fridge and the drawers in the kitchen. Guess I could do the last closet today or not. The dog is still clean. I could bathe the cats.

Grateful for books or I would truly go mad.

Downright Dirty Dog

A couple of days ago the dog came home with her back covered in an oily substance. Not wanting to bathe her all over, not because she doesn't like baths, but because my back reacts badly to bending over I scrubbed her off with a soapy rag. While that didn't work out as well as I had hoped, there was improvement.

Then yesterday after we came in from working outside she was quite wet. The husband said she was rolling in the dew wet grass so I didn't look further. My attention was focused on the upcoming arrival of family and friends. When daughter no. 2 showed up, Natty galloped out to meet her and we both noticed she was caked with small balls of mud. No way around that mess except to head to the shower.

Twenty minutes later we emerged. She was certainly cleaner than I was. And the shower was a wreck. Another half hour later the shower, bathroom floor and I were presentable and for a few days at least she smells quite sweet. And the cats I'm sure appreciate that. :-)

Once again one of those "dirty deeds done dirt cheap".


A tired day, rained a bit earlier and now too hot steamy for me to want to be outside.

Onion update: not a plant was lost, all are thriving.

Picking strawberries every day-

Made a strawberry shortcake ( pic pre- whipped cream)-

Trent got a new haircut, reminiscent of the 90's-

The giant alliums bloomed, wish I had more of these-

And the poppies in the bottle tree garden came back :-)~

Still cutting asparagus and planning to harvest mustard greens any day now.

I've starting noticing butterflies, always a welcome sight.

Even though I feel downright crappy, I have the most beautiful view from my window.

The Salvation of Onions

The last couple of days have been rainy and so I haven't been out to check what we call "the chicken house" garden bed. You might ask why the name. Once the people we were then, younger, stronger and oh so much more enthusiastic had a chicken house on that very spot. Along with, of course, a number of mixed breed chickens who laid some great eggs and raised a few broods of chicks. Vermin and stray dogs slaughtered the chickens and we did not replace them. The house was torn down and left a nice space to turn into a garden.

Various crops have grown there, corn, raspberries, and tomatoes et al. This year it became the home of the onions, mustard, kale and collard greens. The husband put the onions in early and then we had the 5 inch rain which washed them hither and thither, then the dry spell that did them no good at all. Most recently the smaller softer rains have brought up what we call "quack grass." It is everywhere and while not difficult to pull, incredibly abundant. Along with the poor germination, the onion plot was looking like a loss. So I think, why not move the living ones to one of the raised bed? The husband agreed that we might save some that way. Thus together we moved over 100 onion starts in various stages of growth. The clouds overhead bespeak rain and that would be so sweet to settle them in their new beds.

Will the onions be saved? Stay tune for another episode of tales from the veggie garden.

And have an awesome day.



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