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Today I...

Awoke to gray skies and was thinking no walk; which found me a bit disappointed. I was wanting to walk down the road  and sketch the rotting garage.

Time was passed working on the cardboard house. I made progress on the rock tower and almost have the roof of that shingled. Can only work on it for about an hour before my back hurts .

The sun came out and my heart was uplifted, so I set out to sketch the aforementioned garage. Big thanks to duccio for suggesting I take my sketch pad on my walks. While working on my drawing, a young man drove up on a riding lawn mower and introduced himself. He thought maybe I was from the city. Nope live a couple of houses away from right here. He seemed to be a nice kid and is definitely making that area of the neighborhood look better. Next, the owner of the property on which I was standing came over to make sure everything was ok. Interesting guy, ex-Amish, lots of stories to tell about that way of life. Loved the conversations, but sketching was a bit scattered. I tried to get in the main lines and worked on shading and detail when I was back in my chair.

I have appreciated the 60 degree weather of today, the bright sunshine and leaves everywhere. It was a good day for dreams and memories and hopes.

My Tarot reading for today was interesting.

I leave it open to any interpretation. Certainly a lot of strong men combined with the lovable 3 of Cups.

Anah lettered in tennis... the first one in the family to do that.

Proud of her as always.

I Walked

to the neighbor's house and back. I did this yesterday too. I intend to walk this route on all sunny days above freezing. This may be another pipe dream, but it feels good so maybe I will. I think I would like a walking partner. But, I only think that when I feel lonely. Otherwise, I like setting my own pace and not having to participate in a conversation.

I keep forgetting my camera. There's a devolving garage down that way I like to draw.

The sweetgum out back turned 3 colors all at once this year.  Nature dons her finest autumn attire, and I feel as if she does it just for me.

Still seriously addicted to cardboard and hot glue construction.

Erin has a migraine today. I paid her visit to share some Reiki. Poor thing. Migraines are such a curse. I do hope she feels better soon.

Sunday dinner must go on. The gkids kids and I are doing wings, salad and mashed potatoes (Trent's choice). Big Jay is back from school for the weekend. Maybe I'll see him and get a report on welding school. It is total  roll of the dice as to who will show up so I've no idea how much to cook. With hungry teenagers too much seems the best route. before the cooking frenzy begins. I've got a roof to shingle.

I am seriously excited to get this piece to the point of being painted.

Reading Tarot

Having a reunion with the cards of late.

Looks like a fun day ahead if the King of Swords can cut through the mist and uncertainty of the Moon. A good day to have fun via the energy of the deuce of Pentacles.

A perfect day to do more shingling on my cardboard house project.

It is sunny out though chilly but more inviting than Wednesday when we had a couple of inches of snow.

I finally finished the 700+ page mystery. Seemed like it took forever. Switching to a Kate Atkinson novel. "One Good Turn."  I see it is unlikely that I will make my goal of 52 books on goodreads. Meh- I am not good with goals

Enjoyed this sign on a recent drive looking at autumn leaves.

If it being the weekend makes a difference to you, I hope yours is great.

Sylvia Plath's 87th Birthday

“I can never read all the books I want; I can never be all the people I want and live all the lives I want. I can never train myself in all the skills I want. And why do I want? I want to live and feel all the shades, tones and variations of mental and physical experience possible in my life. And I am horribly limited.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

Focused on Faces

Practicing drawing faces because it is too cold to go outside to draw.


Finally looking like autumn...

Oh no, I Can See the Neighbors

The guys cleared and hauled away a lot of brush yesterday It is s clean slate now. But, I noticed this morning I can see the neighbors home over the top of the fence. This destroys my sense of living in a forest so am seeking a solution. Tall grasses along the fence is under discussion. New shades in the back bedroom absolutely.

The idea of a hottub is fading. Lots of $$ got something I am not sold on. But there will definitely be a deck. Gratefully there is no need to make any decisions till spring.

No one home but me and the critters today. Big Jay is moving about 3 hours away and the kids are helping. A first separation for he and Anah. Interesting to see how that goes.

I drew for a while.

And now back to my cozy nest on the couch to read. Cold and wet outside today. Yesterday's sunshine and kind words from LJ friends seem to have dispersed the dismal murkies for the moment. Whew.

Goodbye Garden

Finished putting the garden to bed yesterday. A bit of kale and chard left in the raised beds, but if it doesnt rain thst will soon die. Looks tidy, but barren out back.

Today's plans are to work on the clearing for the hottub out front. Might happen. The sun is shining and Trent is home from school to help. He was a great assistant yesterday, running the hedge trimmer that I can no longer handle.

I seem to be rather thoroughly depressed. Could be because tomorrow is the anniversary of my mother's  death and the hubs cancer diagnosis. Definitely don't like the way I feel and the seeming total loss of interest in creating anything.

This too shall pass. It always has so far, so hanging in there reading a very long book and knitting a hat plus watching a buttload of TV.

The summer hung on past the usual dates, but even though the trees aren't turning much yet, it seems Autumn is coming for real. For real means a frost which will kill the garden and the annuals. So, I walked around and took some pics.

It is chilly out, so I didn't stay long. Might go back out later on if temps reach the predictions.

Yesterday, Trent and the husband moved in the rosemary and the jade,

both of which seemed to have grown to monstrous proportions

during the recent wet hot months. I potted up the last of the succulents to give to daughter no. 1, who has decided to become a plant person at last. Will deliver them to her this afternoon plus some of the late season tomatoes.

While it wasn't much of a summer for swimming, I did enjoy the lower temps. We had a lot of rain that helped with the watering chores, and a decent amount of garden produce. The rain seemed to create this immense upward growth of all the plants and it was and remains quite lush. The trees are happy. Not giving up many leaves yet. The squirrels are ecstatic to have so many nuts.

Today might be the day to pick all the green tomatoes and bring them in to ripen and rain is forecast right before the frost and seriously, I do not want to be out there in the rain picking tomatoes.

I made a really righteous pie from the pears off our tree plus some cranberries and a crumble topping. I have to brag on myself on this one. The British Baking folks would not grumble about a soggy bottom crust lol.

On October 6, (incidentially the 100th anniversary of my mother's birth) I remembered to change the month on the calendar. I told the kids I was trying to hold back time.

I am reading a couple of books, Caleb Carr's, "The Angel of Darkness." Did not realize he had written a sequel to "The Alienist" until I watched the show on TV. It is a 700 page book with tiny print, so it is going slowly. My other reading option is "The Life of Objects" by Susanna Moore set in Berlin in 1938. I'm barely into to it, but expect it go quickly when I read more.

and now for the pictures....ta daCollapse )

The rue is beautiful.

The geraniums are blooming again, an unexpected gift.

And a sketch-

Stolen from any number of people...

Name a song that begins with the first letter of your username.

R-Redemption Song by Bob Marley
O-Ode to Billy Joe by Bobby Gentry
S-Slip Slidin' Away by Paul Simon
E-Early Mornin' Rain by Gordon Lightfoot
G- Galileo by The Indigo Girls
A-Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd
R-Ramblin'Rose by the Grateful Dead
D-Dark Star by the Grateful Dead
E-Eclipse by Pink Floyd
N-Natty Dread by Bob Marley
F-Faithless Love by Linda Rondstat
A-Althea by the Grateful Dead
E-Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks



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