I Always Wanted to be an Anchorite

I've been silent for a while now. Quite frankly, I just haven't wanted to talk to anyone.

I am pleased to say that I have planted two raised beds, one with all kinds of greens and the other with spinach and carrots. We've had quite a lot of rain, so I wouldn't venture a guess as to whether any of it will sprout or not, but I remain hopeful.

Big Jay finished his welding course and returned home yesterday. If the world continues to go on then he has a possible job offer with a small company in a town not quite 30 miles away. A good started position. Hopeful on that.

I've been doggedly pursuing relearning Spanish. I find it it is a lot of fun. I do have Mexican neighbors so maybe I'll get to know them.

The Universe is constantly blessing me. A couple of months back Amazon sent us double our order so we have a lot of that stuff. I am so used to staying home that having to leave would be a real freak out. That is all I have to say about the madness outside of my Paradise.

The crocus are blooming and the daffodils in bud. Signs of Spring are everywhere. I look forward to sunnier days while appreciating the rain.

I did a February video, but am lagging behind on March. I thought it would entertain me for an entire year, but now I'm not so sure.


Things are Sketchy

Took time today to complete a sketch I started last week. . I think maybe I like the photo of the cat trying to walk across the picture better than the actual sketch.

13. When did you learn how to swim? Though unsure, I'm guessing 1958. The Red Cross offered lessons in the lake at the park and I am grateful my parents took me.

Very cold out so snow is staying put. Nothing much going on. I'm going to go soak in the tub and read.

Another Sweet 16, Anah Got Crowned and Misc

Last Friday was Lainey's 16th birthday which she spent with her girl cousins at her house. Saturday they came here for the giant M & M cookie, I make her each year and some present opening.

Also during the time I've not been writing Anah was crowned Junior Attendant at the Courtwarming at her school. Of course she was beautiful.

My grandson's new wife and her mom quilted a top that I had started piecing in 1975. They did a beautiful job. The pattern is "Aunt Sukey's Choice." It was packed away for a very long time and somewhere circa 2010 I finished piecing it and started quilting it. Did not get far with the quilting and when Cindy volunteered to quilt it for me I was ecstatic. I would never have finished it.

The would have been like the dreaded egg apron. Here's a pic of my granddaughter in the one I bought for her. She she likes it just fine.

There were a couple of days when the snow had melted. I trudged around in the back yard for a while, was wonderful to feel the sun on me. And, I got out for lunch yesterday with daughter no. 2. My social life expanded briefly., Sad, our favorite small eatery is closing in two weeks. She has been there for 19 years. I will miss Patty's cooking for sure. She is getting married and I am most excited and happy for her. Besides, of all things she sold the buildings to the new Cannabis Dispensary, so at least I'll be in the building.

But, today it is snowing again, the kids got out of school early. They have missed a good many days because of snow and ice. I've grown quite slovenly and slothful being inside so much. Am thinking of cooking something simple soon.

Ack, the writing prompts haunt me:
5. What is your favorite room in your house? Easy, my bathroom.
6. Do you make your bed in the morning or leave it unmade? For many years I never failed to make my bed, early childhood programming going on. Now, I I feel like it I do, and if not it stays unmade.
7. Have your traced your family tree. YES, I have an extensive family tree on ancestry and have most lines back to the 17th century when they came to this country.
8. Do you have a green thumb? You betcha.
9. What made you smile this week? The happiness of my friend Patty.
10. Do you procrastinate, or do you like checking things off your list as fast as you can? A list? I supposed to have a list? LOL
11. Would rather swim in the ocean, lake or swimming pool? Pool
12. What is something you always take with you on vacation? My medications.

Tripped Up, Qigong, More Snow

Yesterday I tripped as I was going down the step into my bathroom. I was able to save myself from god only knows what disaster if I had landed on the brick floor by grabbing the folding door. The door pinched my hand and my shoulder hit the wall, but I am ever so grateful I didn't go down. I was wearing pants that are too long and clogs both of which contributed to that adventure. My daughters chided me about not shortening my pants. I'd be more likely to just whack them off.

And not long ago I looked out the windows and what to my wandering eyes should appear but more snow. And fuck me, I didn't make it anywhere off the farm during the two previous clear days. Thus today officially marks two weeks of being here. I did get outside and slog around the yard. The moles have been crazily partying and leaving behind a fine mess. There are big limbs down everywhere. Yet, in the midst of all that I found the very early crocus peeking above the ground.

I catch a hint of the smell of Spring now and again. The husband reported a number of bluebirds battling it out for possession of one of the houses. A woodpecker knocked through the ice in the birdbath and had a good long drink. There are eight cardinals within in my visual range. Nature in all its forms is always the best movie.

I'm still doing the qigong though I notice I don't get to it first thing in the morning. I've become fascinated with language and upping my Spanish skills plus learning German and I have spent an inordinate of amount of time studying. I am using Duolingo which is ok, but they just keep throwing it at you with no explanation, no declining verbs etc, so not my style, but I was, of course, able to find the info I wanted on the fabulous internet and am now moving only more quickly with the German which was a challenge.

Doing a bit of sketching in a book I bought a few years ago that has a space for each day of the year and a prompt. Which reminds me, where did I put those writing prompts:

Way behind may have to take this in stages.

February 1, 2020: If you could have any zoo animal become the size of a puppy and have it as a pet, what animal would you choose and why? I don't like zoos, I have no desire for another pet and cannot wrap my brain around this concept.

February 2, 2020: Write about a memorable field trip from school. I'd be more likely to remember my kid's feld trip because as a homemaker I was always available to go on those trips. Yet, I think maybe there was a school field trip where we went to an Observatory about 25 miles away? Maybe?

Feb 3: Are there any misconceptions people have about you? I am quite sure there are, but you would have to ask them about that.

Feb 4: If you had a day where you were both unable to feel any pain and totally indestructible what would you do? I would dance and sing and party my ancient ass off. Although, I would prefer that there be a clause guaranteeing no ill effects from one's choice after all the super stuff disappears.

Well that went quickly. Time for me to do that Qigong. I am missing Jeffrey LOLO

Temperature's Rising

I am so excited. Temperatures for Sunday predicted to be near 60F. That should bloody well get rid of all the ice and snow. I have definitely been in the house too long, nearly two weeks, punctuated only by trips to fill the bird feeder.

More excitement in that today is the day I am going to mash the month of January on 1SE. Fingers crossed that it works.

I ended the egg apron project. There was no joy in it for me. I am really too old to waste time on things I find frustrating. I did order a sewn one for her. I think it will work better than the crochet which, I think, would eventually sag. It was such a relief to be done with all of that.

Yesterday I had a toothache. Thought about the dentist, but decided to try my own home remedies first and am much much better today. I've always had "good" teeth, no cavities ever, and so when one of them gets tetchy, I am very aware of it.

The last three writing prompts for January:

29. Do you like to be alone or with company? That is too black and white a concept for me to consider. Depends on the company as well as my mood. I don't mind being alone and, in fact, do tend to enjoy it. I only interact socially with my family and I generally enjoy their company, but even that is best in small doses.

30. What is your dream vacation? Jamiaca? Preferably Feb 6, 2020, for Bob Marley's 75th birthday celebration.

31. Things you are looking forward to in the next month: longer days, less snow...pleasant surprises, good health... LOVE. As you can see I have no plans for February, though someone did mention the Elms.. hmmm

Clothes are Such Crap

Anah was selected as a candidate for Court Warming again this year, which meant a new dress. She and her mom went shopping and got this quite expensive little dress for a very nominal price. The dress was marked down because the sheer overlay was coming loose from the other fabric.

They brought the frock down on Sunday, and showed me a place that needed to be mended. A little too casually, I agreed to repair it. Oops! Even when I could see really well, I never liked sewing dark colors, black on black or navy on navy like the dress. It is so hard to see. Plus the more I fixed, the more places I found that needed to be fixed. Clothes are such crap these days, shabbily constructed, fabrics that frazzle if you look at them crossly, and they never hang right.

This doesn't mean that I intend to return to sewing. I do admire those of you who make your own clothes. I once made the whole family's clothes, except jeans. But, I can probably skate with the clothes I currently own until I migrate from this planet. One who rarely leaves homes does not wear most of their clothes. My machine sits idle, waiting till someone needs something mended or hemmed.

I'm still rather flummoxed by the crocheting bit. Though the lady who sold me the pattern was kind enough to share some videos of the steps. Maybe someday I'll get it, but that won't be today.

I've been making earrings for my youngest to take to Nigeria with her as gifts for the family she is visiting. That project has been fun.

I have also moved from Botswana to Denmark in my reading. I enjoy Jussi Adler-Olsen's, "Department Q" novels and am now reading "The Hanging Girl.
Should keep me busy in the book arena for a while since it is 504 pages long.

Why not knock out some writing prompts? #27. If you could do anything for work, what would you do? This question has no relevance in my life at this time nor really ever since I did work away from home much. But, if I were living this life over again, I would be a teacher.

28. Write about an accomplishment this month.

I have now been practicing Qigong every morning for three works. A big accomplishment for me not to miss a day because I am seriously random. I like the practice and it has done good things for me both emotionally and physically. I intend to make it a habit.

And, now it is time to relax and read and search for something to watch in the way of video. It is getting late for a nap, but it could happen any way. I definitely want to become supine.


Waiting till it's time to fix lunch and listening to Cassandra Wilson sing Tupelo Honey, st
ill a great song and one that touches my heart.

Grateful that my mood improved because I started out the day being a real grumpy bitch, probably because I didn't sleep well. Which is no excuse, but sometimes it happens. I'm sure more often than the husband appreciates.

Today's sketch, another self portrait, one with which I am more pleased than the last. And, it fulfills my intent to draw every day.

Still lots of snow and cloudy skies. Husband finished another puzzle. He is getting really fast. I'd like to get out but he tells me the roads are so slick that I don't even want to look out there. LOL He should know since he went to town earlier. He probably just doesn't want to pull me out of a ditch somewhere. The roads in town are clear. The road grader came yesterday and graciously scraped off the snow down to the ice and made the road worse. Happens every year. I should be used to this, but am starting to get "cabin fever."

Writing prompt #26. What was your first job?

My mother managed the snack bar at the local bowling alley, and so I snuck in under the radar and when I was 15 (1961) I went to work there with her.

And, now my daughter has arrived to cook the rack of lamb and I think I need to go be of assistance. She needs 1/4 cup of fresh rosemary, now where did I put my clippers?

Blanketed and Bunkered-By Golly It's Winter


Yesterday, it snowed about 6 inches. I am up before daylight, but the dog went out and turned on the motion sensor lights on the deck. So, at 4 a.m. I am running amuck taking pictures.20200124_075931.jpg
The sun did not come out yesterday, it snowed most of the day. Rather enjoyable since I only had to get out to fill one bird feeder and the white stuff was melting under the eaves. Temps weren't bad, right at the freezing mark. Oh, I do love winter!

I've been drawing a bit. A self portrait from yesterday done from a photo. I wasn't really as grumpy as I made myself appear:

A random face:

Kids only had school one day last week, all the others were "snow days." I don't know what they do up at their house, nor do I want to. LOL Their mother works full time now. But, I jest, my grandchildren are amazingly well behaved, if you don't count tidiness.

I know there must be writing prompts. My OCD drives me to complete them:

23. Who are most like in your family. This question would be better answered by them. They would all have different answers. Daughter no. 3 and I most closely resemble each other physically. I think I am just like me.

24. Do you ever feel sad about people you have lost touch with who were once important to you? Certainly. Sometimes I feel angry too. But, mostly it is not something I get overly nostalgic about. What possible good could that produce?

25. What was the last text you received? It was a snapchat because my kids use that most: Can I come down there?

I continue to faithfully perform Qigong every day. Coming up on 3 weeks. I intend to make this a habit. I do, I do, I really really do.

I have completed all three of the pockets for the egg apron. YES!!

I have cooked a couple of times. Being encased in snow makes me hungry. I made butternut squash soup, very comforting. Tomorrow is roasted rack of lamb which Erin is cooking. YES!

The husband is putting together his second jigsaw puzzle of the winter. Long time winter hobby of the whole family.

I talked to my friend who is recovering from chemo; and she is becoming more and more her old self. We laughed at some incredible memories and gloried in being where we were, doing what we did in that other lifetime. At the risk of being trite, the 60' et 70's truly was a great time to be young. "Magic is alive... magic is afoot"... Leonard Cohen

Well enough of that walk down memory lane. I think I will see if something calls to me. If not I'll read, almost at the end of yet another mystery and the lead up to end (there's probably a word for that) is something I enjoy.