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Shakin' a Leg

I did go dance. I did have a great time doing it. Enjoyed the company of my daughters, met some interesting people and ate some good street tacos. While the process involved sitting through a really doofus bluegrass band and a "Molly and her One-Man" I endured and the reggae band who is from St. Louis, showed up and they were good. Good enough to get me up and moving. Quite pleased that I made the trip and that it all turned out so well.

Kids of all kinds showed up yesterday and brought food which was great. I was relatively useless after my excitement of the previous evening. Daughter no. 2 changed the sheets on my bed. That made it really nice to crawl in to.

Still tired today and may go for a nap soon.

Autumn. I'm Waiting

I stayed up till 10 to finish watching the end of Season 2 of "Broadchurch." I'm hung up on the lead detective's accent and he's small and smarmy, so my kind of guy. I never stay up till 10. I'm practicing for tomorrow night's live music. Although daughter no. 2 did say she would drive me to her house if I got too tired. I am hopeful that does not happen. It will lower my score on "trying to get out more" and "having fun."

This morning I pulled the final lot of carrots and ended up with 2 gallon bag, one of purple and one orange. Some of those suckers are HUGE. But, when cutting into them seem tender. I'm keeping them for now. Probably need to pull the beets next week. I say I am not planting carrots, eggplant brussels sprouts, or peppers next year. Time will reveal all on that issue. I get so excited in the spring and I forget.

I made an error in the latest pair of socks. They are a lace pattern and I often screw up that type of work. Unable to fix the mistake, I frogged the 20 rows I had done and started over. Perhaps here in a minute I'll pick it up again and do some more.

Immediately after I ripped out all those hard worked rows, the best thing I could do is lay it aside which is what I did. Then went to the local hardware store and acquired some "stuff" that will mend cracks in sidewalks which I am going to use to fill the cracks and turn them into small mosaics.

It's seriously hot still. The summer seems eternal. I want to move to Canada. Seriously. The nice aspect is cool nights (in the high 60's F) so mornings are pleasant.

Got some chicken breasts out of the freezer but now have now concreted ideas as to how to cook them. If I get hungry that could change.

Need an Underdog Super Energy Pill or I'll just end up sitting here on my butt again. Oh, but wait, I did two 5 minute sessions on the stationary bike. More than that and my femoral nerve starts to scream. Can't have that.

Off to fill some more time.

Rain - Pain - Insane

Seems as though I haven't posted in a while and I must confess that is due to being in a funk and not wanting to spread that energy around. I've had a lot of pain that started Saturday when I fried the last of the zucchini and a bit of eggplant. Stood at the stove too long. Pain leads to anxiety and a general state of weirdness so no writing. Starting to feel better so giving it a shot today.

Tuesday night a powerful thunderstorm came calling and left some lovely rain and some devastation. The Resurrection Lilies had just sprung up and the hail from the storm literally whacked them off. I haven't even begun to clean up the mess out there, don't have the heart nor energy. Did pick tomatoes this morning and that was a challenge, the wind having knocked the vines loose from their moorings and are all in a heap. But, at least they are red and you can see them. Harvested a gallon of kale and could have cut the collards and chard, but wasn't feeling it. Avoided the okra row totally as it is up against the electric fence and very muddy still. The husband had cataract surgery on his second eye yesterday and is doing well, but unable to help with the garden. At times like this I totally realize his value.

Next, I thought I'd walk down the road because I've been down for about a week with hip pain and getting very little exercise. I didn't get far, got too hot and the gravel was treacherous. So came back home and rode the stationary bike for 10 minutes.

Today is my second grandson, Dylan's, 26th birthday. He lives in Austin, TX with a girl I haven't met. He is another one that, like Anah, I helped raised and he spent much of his younger years here with us. On Thursday last I sent him a hefty money order with donations from myself and other family members plus a check from his mother. Am totally freaking out that he has not yet received it. At least it has not been cashed. Communication is sparse between us so he may have it by now and not told me or who knows? Hoping to hear today that it has arrived so I won't be concerned by that situation.

I have completed the so called "ugly socks" and cast on another pair. So, heads up amethyst_witch as these are your socks and once I have an address will send them your way.

Saturday night there will be reggae, bluegrass, tacos and tequila at an outside venue that is close. Seriously hopeful to feel like going. Daughters two and four are going and have invited me.

Made moussaka and it was delicious, though my stomach was not totally in agreement with it. The husband said, "I"ll never eat that again." So, what shall I do with it? Confounded.

Reading the latest in Peter Robinson's "DCI Banks" series which is easy. Right now I am pleased with easy.

So it's back to the new socks, maybe some "Broadchurch" on Netflix. All chores are done. I even made my bed.

It has been fun to see all the tomato pies :-)

August Word Prompts - Playing Catch Up

1. rake
2. new coat
3. short ______
4. walk a mile
5. ignite

The day was perfect for yard work, with fall coolness in the air, a slight breeze and a dim sun peeking out of the clouds. She decided to wear her new coat and rake some leaves. Lost in thought and dreams she created a huge pile in just a short time. The clouds had thickened and the breeze held the promise of rain and even though she was now tired and it seemed as if she had to walk a mile to get back to the house for a lighter to ignite the leaves, she managed. Exactly in tune with the first flames came the first raindrops and before long the heap was too wet to burn. The end*

Word prompt-bowl of _________

The sky was a bowl of blue overhead.

Word prompt -random laughter

Earlier this spring there were reports from owners of Amazon's Alexa  that their devices were issuing bursts of random laughter. Now that would be really creepy to me and is another reason I don't own one.

Word Prompt - High Class

Since anything that suggests we should be divided into any type of classification other than "human" really irritates me, I was having a hard time with this one. So, the husband suggested that I split the words and this is what came out.

The student was dressed and ready for school. Though she wasn't particularly excited about the day's lineup of classes, especially Calculus; she knew she had to go. Glancing over at the table she saw a half a joint left over from the weekend just lying there. And, on a mad impulse, decided to light it up and get high before going to class.

She had a great day, made an A on the Calculus test and once and for all put away the notion that smoking pot makes you stupid.

Word Prompt - Folk Singer

Being a huge fan of folk music and folk singers this prompt brought to mind any number of performers that I might write about, but because I had seen him sing at two different periods in his life and mine I chose Gordon Lightfoot. The first time I saw him was in 1970. Went to the concert with my brother and his wife and we all dropped Acid which certainly painted the evening in brilliant colors. Lightfoot was young and handsome and his voice strong. He sang every song I wanted to hear and I came away with my head in the clouds and with that transformed feeling that LSD experiences impart.

The second time was nearly 25 years later. No LSD that time. My sister-in-law, niece and I drove to St. Louis to a small theater where he was playing. We were pumped. Neither of them had seen him before and I guess I wasn't thinking about how much time had passed and expecting a happening similar to the first time. Oh wow, was I ever disappointed. There he was on stage, a small wizened man by now, with cracking tones and stumbling over lines. The crowd was quiet and never moved. We left early saddened and disappointed. I kind of think Gordon had been consuming a bit too much of that good Canadian whiskey. I wonder if I had been tripping could he have been morphed back into that handsome young folk singer I saw so long ago?

Meanwhile Back at the Farm

The temperatures have moderated, but still no rain of consequence. Our part of Missouri is having an "extreme drought" this year. This will be hard on the small farm people, no hay makes for an impossible winter when you have livestock. Folks are selling off their cattle herds. You can buy a bred cow for $300 at the sale barn. Last year they were bringing $2000. We have managed to keep the raised beds going and the tomatoes seem to like this weather. No rain, no weeds so I've had time to play with word prompts.

I've made a tomato pie and eaten most of it. I discovered tomato pie not so long ago and now it is the dish I can't wait to make when it's tomato time. The squash bugs killed the zucchini so that's over for this year. The husband planted more green beans since we had almost no harvest from the first ones. The French filet beans were a total bust. Weird year.

Anah weeded the brick patios for me and did a great job. I sat outside and we talked while she worked. Our times of it being "just us" are less now and it is precious to me that we had a couple of hours together.

I've turned the heel on the "ugly" socks so it won't be long now till they are finished.

Oh, and this morning I peeled and sliced half a bushel of peaches and they are resting in the freezer. Future pies.

Today, I called Ingrid and she is doing well. The extreme symptoms she was experiencing have not returned and her memory is back. Very happy that she is ok. The doctor suggested that she begin taking Aricept. I cautioned her to research it in depth for taking any. After doing said research myself I am thinking if you aren't crazy before you take it, you will be afterwards.

Finished "Based on a True Story" by Delphine de Vigan. The first hard-to-put-down book I have read in ages. Skillfully translated from French by George Miller the prose is terse and the plot tightly strung. I enjoyed the book immensely, and have ordered another by her.

Having read 3 very good novels it was difficult for me to pick up a mystery again. I tried several before settling on "Death of an Englishman" by Magdalen Nabb. This is the first in the Inspector Guarnaccia series which is set in Florence. Nabb was English by birth but fell in love with Florence and moved there with her son and used it as the setting for this popular series. I don't think it is going to be popular enough with me to order the next in the series.

I have been working on short reviews of those 3 good novels, but progress is slow.



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