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Driving North

I can't drive directly north from my home because the road runs east and west. I suppose I could go 4 wheeling over the pasture that lies to the North, but I doubt that happens. I have to drive a mile or so until I get to a long stretch of highway that runs north, zigging and zagging along gravel country roads, taking Hwy 24 to the Hwy 63 Jct and then it goes north for a long way - all the way to Wisconsin. I've been to Minneapolis once in January. It can be seriously cold up there.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, a nasty habit of mine, so let's go back to Hwy 63. It was two lanes for ever so long, but now is four and I suppose carries a lot of folks north. It's dotted with the remains of quaint old towns where only ghosts live now. About 22 miles out is Macon, a nice small town or so it seems. I've never lived there, but have in the past shopped there or had lunch.

From there it seems a long way to Kirksville.It's a larger town and boasts some small colleges. My husband used to work there a lot before he retired. He said it was always much colder there than here, no matter it's only 60 miles away. Soon the Iowa line appears and all those corn fields.

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