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Drawing Has My Attention

I'm so absorbed in drawing that I don't make time to write. Nice to be excited about a creative endeavor after what seems like a long "dry" spell.

More excitement, exploring the possibility of going to "Kaya" Fest in San Bernardino, CA, April 28 and 29th. I have never been to San Bernardino before and the lineup for the festival is beyond great it terms of reggae music. Bob Marley's legacy will be well represented with children and grandchildren performing as well as Marcia Griffiths. Would leave MO on a Thursday and return the following Sunday giving us time to see some of the coast and maybe even visit The Salton Sea. It's in the discussion stage right now.

Went to granddaughter, Lainey's piano recital today. Poor kid, she has been sick for the last few days and she made a mistake and was so not pleased with herself. Other than one slight stumble her performance was excellent. Was glad the snow and ice has melted and the roads were good for the drive there. Rain expected tomorrow which will take out the last vestiges of the white stuff.

Took a picture of an old chimney to sketch later. Noted some other dilapidated buildings and trailers that would work for sketches, thinking of doing a series of the sad structures and other decaying evidence left by humans along the country roads here.

The vice-president of my graduating high school class died a few days ago. Though I knew him slightly, we were not close. But, his death made me nostalgic and so I sent a couple of emails to old friends from way back, kindergarten pals. Already heard back from one of them, a nice note, it feels good to be well remembered.

Erin made some seriously delicious Asian food and invited me over to eat. I do enjoy food cooked for me by someone else, especially good food.

Been having more palpitations than usual. Or maybe I'm just noticing them more?

Temperatures have moderated and were above freezing today and are supposed to remain there for the next few days. Nice after the sub zero stuff of last week.

I feel like I could like down and fall asleep, but think I'll draw for a while instead. Otherwise I will be awake at 3 and I'd much rather sleep till 5. I'm already wanting some light in the mornings and later in the evening. Ready to plant something, but patience is a virtue, I guess, and I'll have to wait a while longer.

Till later...

MEME - 4 Things

Lifted from zyzyly

List only four answers to each question

Four places I’ve lived:

1. Moberly, MO
2. San Leon, TX
3. Kansas City, MO
4. Hot Springs, MT

Four places I've worked: 
1. Aerobics Center
2. Odd Characters (my costume shop)
3. Local high school substitute teacher
4. Shady Grove Fsrm

Four things I like to watch:
1. British TV
2. People 
3. Live  Reggae Music
4. My grandchildren

Four places I have been:
1. Boquillas, Mexico
2. Hoh National Rainforest
3. Telluride, CO
4. San Francisco

Four things I love to eat: 
1. Wendal's Cranberry Walnut bread
2. Produce from my garden
3. Apple Crisp w/cream
4. BLT'S's with homegrown tomatoes

Four Favorite Things to Drink
1. Water
2. Hot Earl Grey tea
3. Ginger Ale
4. Root Beer


The Tarot says...

I've already been given the answer and if I would open my eyes and really look would realize that I am only imprisoned by my thoughts. Success is just a thought away.

Morgan-Greer deck

Quiet times

Not much going on around here so little to write about. We did get snow,  maybe an inch. It was lovely this morning all unmarked and serene.

I've been, sketching, knitting on a pair of socks, and reading. Putting in time on the stationary bike, cooking, eating and feeling generally uninspired. Had a HUGE Anxiety Attack which left me shaky all day Saturday. Was very grateful that daughter #2 had planned a visit.  Her company was a blessing. We spent our time together talking and reading.

I did have a wonderful visit with my granddaughter, Anah, after school on Friday. We talked about life and watched an episode of "This Is Us" which made us both cry. It's been far too long since we've been together in this way and I so appreciate these ever more rare occasions. Just because I understand how different and busy her life is now doesn't mean I don't miss her. Just as I miss her mom who is now studying to be a Nurse Practitioner which along with working full time and being a great mom takes up all her time. Yesterday was the first Sunday in a long time thst we didn't eat together.

Went to the Missouri River

On Saturday last, what we call our "nuclear" family (the husband, me, youngest daughter, Erin, and granddaughter, Anah + Trent) took drive to Glasgow, MO. Having read about a restaurant located there, Beckett's, to be exact, the husband wanted to try it and since he recently passed his 70th year, we gave him what he wanted. He does not accept gifts nor much of anything in the way of acknowledging his birthday, but he will eat. Glasgow has a population of 1,091 so I wasn't expecting this to be a gourmet delight, but was not disappointed in the fare. It was hot. I really appreciate that. It didn't hurt my stomach, another plus and truly I have never seen a smoked pork chop that was as thick as the one I was served. And it was enough for two meals which is always a bonus. The ceiling there was really cool, could be original or could not. Glasgow is an old town, and once thrived when the river was the way to move goods and people.

After eating, we wandered over to check out the Missouri River. Only I braved the chill of the day and walked out to get some pictures. Very interesting the way the water churns up the ice into these circles of ice and snow, all moving quite rapidly creating a very dizzying experience. As the whole huge mass moved there came this hissing noise. I hung out on the dock till it got too cold just to feel the power of the river and hear her song.

Came home and watched the two most recent episodes of "The Walking Dead" with Erin. Sometimes I can't believe I've watched it all of it, but it's something she and I do together and those moments are rare, so does it matter if there are zombies in the background. Nah.

School was called off today though unnecessarily so. Yesterday it was quite slick, but not so much the roads as the sidewalks. Neither the husband nor I can remember a time when school was called off because of weather or temperature or really for any reason. I suppose they made the decision the night before when it actually was bad. I decided to get out today, expecting that I might have some trouble, but it seems to have all melted now. Yet, I think there's enough water out there that when the temps drop tonight, we'll have the ice back.

I keep reading good things about the "Fargo" series so I may try it out. If that doesn't work, there's always Mrs. Maisel being marvelous. Or reading.

Hopefully there will also be eating as I have a beef and barley soup simmering. Could find nothing but quick cooking barley so it will have to do. Next to wrap my mind around the time difference in quick and the real stuff.



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