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Been Knitting

The garden has slowed down. It's very dry here in Missouri. And there are a lot of chiggers, a really nasty tiny creature that bites in the most awful places. Thus, I have remained inside and switched to knitting.

I am working on motif #4 of 7 that make up the waist of the  Celtic knot sweater.

I finished the socks. And I like them.

Today I mended two pair of socks, not my favorite task, but I have a hard time tossing hand knit socks,so I darnedd. Failed to get the husband to make me a darning egg so ordered one from good old Amazon. Today I used a lid that didn't work too badly.

Every morning I cruise the garden and pick what's out there, lots of cucumbers, the odd zucchini, a few tomatoes and today I pulled some more beets. The green beans that were planted in April are still blooming and should have another crop soon. Never have I had green beans so long lived. The husband continues to to say it's due to the worm castings he added to the soil. He could be right. He has been before.

Moose was accepted back into the foster program and went to his new home about 90 miles from here, last week. I am hoping he will be loved there. I tried, but he was just so big that he was a danger to my remaining upright. Erin and Anah are relieved. Not only was he destructive, but he was expensive. I think Erin has learned her lesson well this time and will not be adopting another dog, not ever.

On Monday last our old dog encountered a young raccoon sitting in the birdbath. He/she had been stealing the birdseed for some time. Natty turned into a killer and snapped the coon's neck quickly. I felt sorry for it, but Nature will prevail. At least the mystery was solved as to how the raccoon was reaching the feeder, hah - by climbing into the birdbath.

The weather has been unseasonably cool for the last couple of weeks and I've been walking in the local park where there is a delightful trail, nicely paved and wandering through the old oak forest. I am most grateful to be up to walking 30 minutes now. Last year I couldn't make 10, so huge improvement in mobility...YES!!

The air is quite heavy today, perhaps it will rain. Rain would be appreciated and welcomed.

I've been tired and rather out of sorts all week. Though my children make fun at my ideas, I attribute my state of weariness to week this marking the death of Jerry Garcia, the bombing of Nagasaki, a full moon and the coming eclipse. That's a lot of powerful energies coming together imho.

Nature's Beauty

Was running the vacuum when the husband hollered out, "Grab your phone, come quickly. Just ouside the front door was this exquisite moth.

Sauerkraut Success

6 jars of sauerkraut complete.

Hot weather expected to break with rain tonight.

Been in the pool a lot.

Cukes and zukes abound.

This cracks me up...

Waiting for summer to pass as I love fall most of all.

Beautiful Beets

Five jars of pickled beets for the pantry put together by the husband and I.

The first one just sealed, a resounding pop that never fails to give me satisfaction.

I've been playing around over at Dreamwidth though I've made no entries. I may use it exclusively for my memoirs. Or I may never write there at all. Time will reveal.

A busy weekend with daughters,  their offspring   & friends.

Found a roadside stand selling fried catfish Saturday last and was delightfully sur prized to find it quite delicious and inexpensive.

All the carrots are harvested now and many of the beets. The green beans are resting and I think will come forth with a few more beans soon. It's quite dry and very hot. The water in the pool is tepid but not overly warm so it makes for a nice float in the late evenings.

It's beginning to look as if Moose, Erin and Anah's puppy will be returning to the foster care system. He has taken chasing cars and has a number of other bad habits. It hasn't been a good fit for them. Thank goodness I'm not attached to the dog or I'd be sad about it but it's their business not mine.

After watching the tv show "Poldark," I decided to read the series of books , the first of which was written in England in 1945.  Thus far I am appreciating the author's writing style and the storyline is similar to the series. Im thinking i will at least finish the first one.

Well...I guess I should go clean the beet juice off of things in the kitchen. It's looking a bit red in there.

Girl in a Red Dress

A girl in a red dress slowly removed a crumpled piece of paper from her purse. Lovingly she caressed the paper until it was smooth enough to reveal the faded letters. Letters that formed words she no longer needed to read as they were embroidered on the fabric of her being.

Yet those words still held the power to ignite her. Though she was ever so weary, she clasped her hand into a fist and the paper resumed it's lumpy spherical shape. Anger lit the air as she crammed the paper back
in her purse. One step, another. The girl in the red dress moved forward once again.

July Self Portrait

Taken on the ride home from WI

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

And while I was off dancing, the husband watched over the gardens, harvesting beans cucumbers and zucchini, feeding Natty and the cats. My niece once referred to him as a "place saver." This is an apt definition. He traveled a lot in the 45 years he worked and now doesn't want t go anywhere far away. One of the ways in which our marriage works I guess.

There was a murder/suicide in the nearby town. Some 60 year old guy shot a somewhat younger woman and then turned the gun on himself. Geez what is wrong with people. Crazy crap happens all the time even in little old Moberly.

The garden continues to produce well. We are having regular rains and temps in the 80-90F range, not bad for July.

The tomatoes are not thriving. Damp weather brings on blight, fingers crossed that we that skips us by this season. I do like to put up a few jars of tomatoes for winter.

The green beans just keep on giving. Planted in a raised bed that the husband loaded up with worm castings they have outdone themselves. Picked a half gallon today.

Wisconsin crops seemed to me to be about a month behind ours. The peonies were in bloom. They were just picking the first strawberries and asparagus.

Kudos to the husband for having the house all cleaned up when I got home on Monday. All I had to do was collapse on the couch plus he made sauerkraut!

Actually the couch might be calling me. Reading the newest in Ian Rankin's "Rebus" series, hard to get back into, has been over a year.

I've also been watching "The Hundred" on Netflix which I find to be quite stupid at times, but it makes for background noise when I knit.

Still tired, but functioning

The Trip North

Departure 8:09 Friday morning, luggage stowed, Erin, Anah and I in the car and off we went - destination Ashland, Wisconsin. The first 10 hrs went well. We've traveled a lot of miles together and remain harmonious even trapped in the car. We ate some great Thai food in Ames, Iowa, really great. Little hole in the wall place with a faded menu on the wall, but awesome cooking. I don't know exactly when things changed. At one point Erin and Anah started to disagree hotly and I changed seats with her. And then there was Iowa which stretched out on either side of us, a sea of corn, with nary a weed and the islands of trees that surround all the factory farm operations. Then we ran into endless construction, the GPS assigned us a new route which made no sense, and we had to detour around an accident which added another 45 minutes. All told, we were on the road for 14 hours, but arrived safely at our destination, a wee bit wonky, but intact.

We spent the morning of the next day exploring Ashland. Sometimes referred to as the town of murals, it earns that name easily. Buildings everywhere sported murals depicting town history. Quite well done. Later we went on to Bayfield about 20 miles away, wanting to check out the venue for the concert that evening and see what Bayfield had to offer. While there we discovered "The Fat Radish," a farm to market cafe with food to die for. Erin had fish tacos, I went for the special which was a lamb pot pie, and Anah opted for a roast beef sandwich with french fries. We all stole some of her fries, yum.

The concert was uplifting, quite literally. By holding onto the seats in front of me (old church pews) I was able to jump. Been a while since I've done that. Ziggy really sounded good. He did a few of his dad's songs and that brought the whole crowd to life. Lots of folks around my age there and danged if we can't still dance. Always good to be surrounded by the positive vibrations of people singing and dancing to reggae music. LOVE IT!

Love the people. Several times I had to sit and rest for a bit and during one of those lulls, hands magically appeared from behind me and gave me the most rejuvenating back rub ever. Looked around and saw a lovely young woman and we clasped hands for a moment. Magic. I LOVE IT!

Woke up the next morning surprised that I was able to walk, but no damage done by all the jumping. We roused ourselves again and decided to take the ferry to Madeline Island. Fun. We walked the boardwalk down to the beach and walked the shoreline picking up rocks. Lake Superior is beautiful. Back to Bayfield where I scored some Wisconsin cheese at a local grocery. If I'd known it was so good I would have bought more, but so it goes. Ate some of the monterey jack that is marbled with bleu last night, oh my..great on burgers.

Enjoyed white fish locally caught for dinner, one of the best meals we ate. Hard to choose as this was one trip where we didn't have a bad meal. I've traveled too many times to places where you couldn't find a good restaurant but no so on this one. Which reminds we that we had breakfast at the Rittenhouse Hotel where the food was good, not great, but the house itself made up for any lack.

Forecasts had been gloomy with rain showing up every day. Once again the weatherman was wrong and we had a small shower one morning, but the rest of the time, it was lovely with sunny skies and cool breezes. Much lower humidity than in MO, a real plus for me.

The trip home was uneventful. I rode in the back seat all the way and read most of the time. We were up at 5 a.m. and on the road by 5:30. Back home at 5, stopped to eat a couple of times and the usual pee breaks and stretch times.

We've all decided all future car trips will be limited to 8 hrs total. Erin was exhausted.

In fact, we're all still tired. But still smiling.



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